Retro Throwback: I Thought there Would be Candy

On the weekends, please enjoy the Retro Throwback where I share my favorite posts from some time ago.

Class today was so much better. Thank you to the yoga Gods/Goddesses who made it possible! :)

Seriously, I set up right underneath a fan in an area of the room I knew would not get overly hot. I think, if nothing else, I just needed a mental break from the heat. The last time I really set up by fans (intentionally) was in November. When I came back from San Diego, I recall going to a fan spot once, out of habit, and being cold. I haven’t been back since. San Diego changed me y’all. It got me craving the heat.

But with so many crappy classes in a row lately I just needed to cut myself some slack. Getting under a fan helped. I am not sure I will do it again tomorrow, but I might.

When class was over, I was walking towards the lobby. The instructor was coming towards me. “There’s a surprise out there,” she said.

Surprise? Well, it could only be one thing – candy. Specifically in chocolate form.

It made sense. I had just finished the 9:00 class. There was another class starting at 11:30. I was pretty sure that the next instructor had shown up with candy! Don’t ask me where I got this candy idea from. It just seemed like the only worthwhile surpise to me.

It was not candy. It was snow. Snow is not a surprise in this native Floridian’s book. It is a curse.

I said to the instructor, “I thought when you said there was a surprise that there would be candy and maybe chocolate.”

She laughed. “I love you. You think like me.”

For the future, let’s clarify:

Not a Good Surprise

Not a Good Surprise

A much better surprise:


The best surprise:

It's OK with me if this isn't vegan.

It’s OK with me if this isn’t vegan.

I await your gifts in the yoga lobby. :)


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