Retro Throwback: The Downward Spiral

On the weekends, please enjoy the Retro Throwback where I share my favorite posts from some time ago.

(this post is part of a 66 day challenge done in 2012. here I am on day 57!)

Blah. Day 57 stunk. I am in a funk with my classes now. That is to be expected in a challenge but gees. I would be happy to be the exception to the rule. Today I sweated out a bucket again, and I was tired and dizzy and felt like blah. BLAH! Not all of it was terrible. My standing bow was pretty good on both sides for both sets. I had one side of standing head to knee that was good. And that’s about it. I was done after spine strengthening, but I kept sitting back up and plowing on as best as I could.

Despite having had a rough two days, I am feeling sad about my challenge coming to an end. I wish I could go on to do 100 days. I feel like I am entering a tough spot right now with my challenge.  The first 30 days, as a whole, were easy. Yes, I had a series of crappy classes, but stopping at day 30 would have been a loss for me. Getting to 60 is has also not been that rough. I think 60-100 would be super interesting (and possibly awesomely awful). I will have to try for it sometime. If anyone out there has done a 100 day challenge (or more), I would love to hear about what it was like from Day 60-100. Was it radically different from the first 60 days?

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