Starting the Whole30

I’ve been traveling again this week for work, and in the back of my mind I remember that I once said I’d start this Whole30 challenge thing in March. It’s a little overwhelming. I haven’t had a lot of time to think about what I’m going to eat during it (but plenty of time to wrap my head around what I cannot eat which is just about everything I currently do eat). Getting stranded in Vegas seriously sank me. I had a ton of work to catch up on when I got back home.

March 1st is a Saturday. Hopefully I will have had time to go to the store and plan out my meals for the week. If not, worst case scenario, I can start on March 2nd. I’ll still go for 31 days.

See? Doesn't this look like my only option is water and sand?

See? Doesn’t this look like my only option is water and sand?

I’d like to do some of my breakfasts with juice. I know Whole30 isn’t a big juicing supporter, but I am and that’s not going to change. I’d like to use the weekend to get some juices made and frozen for the next two weeks. I may be eating a lot of salads the first week, but that’s ok!

I’ve also decided it’s ok to buy meat to have for one meal a day. This isn’t my personal ideal thing, but my thought is to start with the meat for some meals and then slowly back it out as I get a handle on things. It was too overwhelming to think about not eating meat and then taking out all legumes and grains. I felt like I had nothing left to eat! And I still feel that way even with the meat thrown back in. I haven’t cooked meat in about two years. It’s strange to think about doing it again.

I’m prepared for a rough ride even though I already don’t consume some of the forbidden foods (dairy for one). And I’ll be ok without soda. But sugar? Oh gees. It’s gonna be a rough ride. So batten down the hatches. Here goes nothing

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lori
    Feb 26, 2014 @ 21:09:00

    My advice is to just eat “sexy bacon” rolls for an entire month. Where is the sour gummy worms picture?!?


    • lahall99
      Feb 27, 2014 @ 08:14:00

      I wrote this before I saw you and your gummy worms and then scheduled it for Wednesday. Don’t worry. I will use those gummy worms!


  2. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Sep 20, 2014 @ 06:54:03

    Starting the Whole30 #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


  3. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Nov 23, 2014 @ 04:59:49

    Starting the Whole30 #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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