Whole30: The First Two Days

The night before my decent into the Whole30, I joked that I was going to drink a 2-liter bottle of coke and have an entire chocolate cake for dinner. Honestly, that seemed like a reasonable idea to me. I didn’t of course. I was too lazy to drive to the store. I really shoulda done it.

Chocolate cake brings only happiness.

Chocolate cake brings only happiness.

Day 1

I got up at 7:00 on a Saturday so I would have time to make breakfast before I took the 9:00 class. I decided to take the ground pork and turn it into sausage patties. It made a lot more than what I thought it would so I’m off to a good start. I’ll have plenty of leftovers for the week. I also fried up two eggs.

The verdict? Didn’t care. I really don’t miss eating meat. I wasn’t that excited about my sausage patties. Now granted I haven’t cooked meat in about two years. I am sure it could use some tweaking, but I am not excited. Eggs were whatever. Did I really used to enjoy eating fried eggs? I already miss vegan eating.

Before heading off to class I read up on what I believe I am making for lunch. I see the recipe calls for ground chicken but I have actually bought whole chicken breasts. I’m sure I can work around it. So I’m eating chicken and kale for lunch? I’m bored already. When did this ever sound like a good idea?

Enough of this. Let’s go to class.

You Call This a Class?

Class was not great. Mostly I daydreamed about eating a candy bar and drinking a soda. I know I’m supposed to try to be in the moment, but I’ll take a second here and compliment myself on at least being aware of how much eating a candy bar and drinking a soda dominated my thoughts. I was also hyper aware of all the meals I had yet to make that day and how much I was not looking forward to any of it. I have become obsessed with food.

Day 1: Lunch

Back at home, I realize I have purchased two bags of completely frozen, uncooked chicken breasts. It was buy one get one free. There are 10 in each bag. It dawns on me that I have 20 chicken breasts. I will be eating chicken at least once a day for most of this challenge. It will also take 40 minutes to cook the breast (so say the directions).

I bought at least this much chicken.

I bought at least this much chicken.

Eating a straight up chicken breast sounds, well, boring. I have also given up on the original recipe I had planned. But I have a lot of kale hanging around and need to do something with that. I find a recipe for pan-fried kale that looks good. I decide to dump some salsa on my chicken. That worked, but then I realized I would be eating salsa again at dinner. There’s a lot of salsa eating going on around here.

Lunch = meh.

Day 1: Dinner

I thoroughly enjoyed dinner on Day 1. It was a fabulous taco salad. I ate it sooo fast I didn’t even get a picture of it! It was filling. I went to bed tired (probably from all this cooking!) but feeling fine.

Foods I Dreamed About Today: Chocolate

Enter Day 2

Day 2 didn’t get off to the best start. I made some sausage and eggs and thought if I had to eat eggs one more day I would literally vomit. Breakfast was a struggle. I stopped off at the store and, with some assistance from a friend, acquired even more food. When I got home I had an assortment of items for lunch – but really, do you see what has happened to me already on Day 2?

I have become totally obsessed with food.

All I do is think about what I’m eating next. All I want to do is dream about what I cannot eat. I crashed after lunch, woke up hungry, and wanted a pop-tart (I never eat pop-tarts). I made due with a chicken breast. I felt miserable and decided to skip class. It was a nice day so I indulged in a walk. I really think this was the best idea. Usually I’m not down for skipping class just because you don’t want to go, but today I just felt so horrible I couldn’t even envision myself in the room. Getting some fresh air and sunshine improved my mood.

Foods I Dreamed About Today:

Why am I craving this?

Why am I craving this?

1. Toasted bagel with cream cheese

2. Hot chocolate

3. Pop-tarts

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