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I don’t know how I first learned about Energy Bits. I think they started following me on twitter. So I looked at them and thought they seemed interesting. Before I knew what had happened, I had turned into an Energy Bits junkie. If you are looking to increase and sustain your Energy, then Energy Bits might be for you. They also have other products that might be more your style, but I have not tried them and can only comment on the Energy Bits.

What Are Energy Bits?

Energy Bits are little green algae tablets that are nutritionally dense. Yes, I said little green algae tablets. They are supposed to get rid of fatigue and keep you mentally alert. They, “have the highest concentration of protein in the world and deliver a steady stream of energy all without sugar, caffeine, chemicals, or stomach distress.” Each tablet is one calorie. They are also an excellent source of Vitamin B (and yes, this includes B-12). One serving of Energy Bits, which is 30 tablets, will cover the majority of your vitamin B needs for the day. If you are vegetarian/vegan, this means you can stop taking a B-12 supplement because you’ll get all you need here (hooray!).

Size of one tablet.

Size of one tablet.

What’s the deal with the protein? A single serving of Energy Bits has 64% of your protein intake (give or take based on your individual needs of course). The next highest on the list was tofu which had a single serving protein amount of 35%.  So take your serving of Energy Bits, and you’re already doing excellent on the protein end of things. I’m guessing you can round out the rest no problem with what you would normally eat during the day.

I’m Eating Algae?

Yes and no. You’re swallowing tablets so you are ingesting the algae. The tablets are about the size of an Advil, maybe a bit smaller. You can chew them, but that’s not recommended because apparently they don’t taste so great. I’m not about to chew them so I can’t comment. I swallow them two at a time.

You will notice that they have a bit of a funky odor (they are algae!). You can rectify this by not sticking your nose in the bag. Seriously, after about a week of taking them I realized I didn’t even notice the smell anymore. You’ll adjust. You may notice that some of the green algae dust gets on your fingers but it comes right off in water. Your fingers won’t get stained.

Wait….Why Do I Want to Eat Algae?

Energy Bits makes the distinction that algae is a food and not a supplement. So think of these tablets first off as a food source. There is only one ingredient in the tablets – algae. And no chemicals are used to grow the algae used in the tablets. You don’t have to worry about anything weird showing up in it. The literature I received from Energy Bits said that there were so many health benefits to eating algae some of which included providing instant energy, preventing colds, and killing bacteria.

What Did I Notice?

I’ve been at this now for almost a month. I take my Energy Bits most days (just one serving of 30 tablets). I normally take them in the morning, but you can take them anytime.  Here’s what I found:

1. Energy Bits got rid of my afternoon slump. I am a morning person. I start to nod off about 1:00 and often want to nap. However, I can’t always run off and take a nap (darn it!), and I need to be mentally focused. On the days I take my Energy Bits I am focused for the entire day.

2. I skipped some days intentionally to see what would happen and dang it if I didn’t get my afternoon slump back.

3. Ladies, Energy Bits helped me with my menstrual cycle. I get unbelievably tired during the days leading up to the first day of my period. However, I was popping my Energy Bits this last time and suddenly I realized I did not get that terribly energy drain before or during my cycle. If you have issues with getting tired during your cycle, these might help.

Keep a serving in this adorable container.

Keep a serving in this adorable container.

What Can Energy Bits NOT Do?

Energy Bits did not help me have a better triangle posture or increase my enjoyment for camel. 🙂 I actually had to show up to class day after day to get better at my postures. BUT it did improve my mental clarity and focus which I believe has translated into greater stillness in class (or at least an awareness that I should try to improve my stillness).

When Do I NOT Take Energy Bits?

Believe it or not, I have certain days when I do not take my Energy Bits they are:

1. Days I want to be lazy. Seriously. If it’s a rainy day and I want to watch movies and take a nap then I forgo the Energy Bits.

2. When I go to acupuncture. Acupuncture results in energy changes in my body. I just don’t want to mix acupuncture with Energy Bits.

3. When I get a massage or facial. Again, these are days I kinda want to space out.

That’s it. Otherwise, I take them.

Do You Want to Try Energy Bits?

When you go to buy Energy Bits you’re going to (probably) think they are expensive. One bag is 115.00. Wait! Don’t run away from me. You know I got you covered, right? You can get a 20% discount which brings the bill down to about 92.00 for a bag. Just enter MBYL into the coupon code box when you check out. This discount is good forever. No time limits. So think about it, and feel free to ask me further questions in the comments.

Once I got over the sticker shock I realized a few things:

1. This is an entire month’s supply

2. I get to toss out my B-12 supplements.

3. One bag will really last me a bit more than a month because while I take my Energy Bits most days I don’t take them everyday.

Is it really worth the price? For me, yes, it absolutely is. I’m hooked. I love the focus I get all day long from taking them.


Energy Bits provided me with a free (2-day) sample, at my request. I liked them so much I purchased an entire bag and plan to continue to purchase more in the future.


Two Years Ago Today on MBYL


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