Featured Recipe: Vegetarian Mexican Salad

I’ve gotten back into eating salads again. After about a week or so I turned to Pinterest to get some inspiration and jazz things up a bit. I did a search for Vegetarian Mexican Salads and found a great recipe for a burrito bowl. I wasn’t interested in putting rice as the bottom layer of my dish, but I used the rest of the recipe to create a great salad.

001I did make a few modifications to the recipe (besides omitting the rice):

1. No corn. I refuse to eat corn that isn’t organic. If it’s not organic you can bet it’s GMO corn. There was no organic corn available in cans. I told myself that this was ok as I had a bag of frozen organic corn at home. But it turns out that I am too lazy to heat up frozen corn after class. Plus, the rest of my salad was room temperature. I didn’t want warm corn in it. I am not sure I care enough to defrost it in advance and let it cool.

2. No avocado. Didn’t feel like it.

3. No cilantro. Hate cleaning it.

I am kinda lazy, right?

That said, corn, avocado, and cilantro would all be great in the salad! I did add red onions. While we’re at it, let me tell you a trick for making salads more enjoyable during the week….

When I’m on a Mexican salad kick I buy black beans and a red onion. I chop up the onion and mix it in a container with the beans. Add some salt and paper and then give it a good shake. Toss it in the fridge. This saves you the trouble of cutting up onions every time you want a salad. You just scoop out what you need.

I did add fresh salsa to the salad, and I included a bit of cheese and some sort of crispy/crunchy onion product I found next to the tomatoes at the grocery store. Do add cherry tomatoes. They are the bomb.

But you know what the real bomb is? The Chipotle Cream Sauce that is included in the link. It calls for chipotle paste, but I followed the directions using the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce which is listed as an acceptable substitute. This sauce is divine! I made enough for several salads, and it holds just fine. Give is a stir before you put it on.

So much potential

So much potential

The Boyfriend wasn’t interested in this the first time he saw me eating it, but he tasted it and thought it was good. The next day he asked me to make him one for lunch. He declared it to be amazing (and he ate most of my cream sauce). The Boyfriend also noted that the Chipotle Cream Sauce would make a good potato chip dip. He’s right.

I think the salad is filling without adding the rice, but that’s just me. As the author notes, there are plenty of ways to customize the salad. Have fun!

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