Retro Throwback: One Minute Camel Tips

On Sundays, please enjoy the Retro Throwback where I share my favorite posts from some time ago.

Not too long ago, I got challenged to do a one minute camel. Yeah – hold camel for one minute. Sounds awful doesn’t it? Ok, for me it does. I hate camel.

To be clear, it’s not specifically camel that I hate. I hate back bending. Now I know that I get on here and talk about the benefits of back bending and even make myself do it. But deep down, in case you missed it, I hate it. I know it is good for me on every conceivable level, but I really, really hate it.

Look at all these benefits that do not inspire me to do more camels.

Back bends make me uncomfortable. I am not good at them. I can get better at them if I do them at home, and I will go through phases where I will do extras outside of class. But let’s be clear – back bending is something I make myself do. It’s always a good decision, but apparently I will still throw temper tantrums about doing them.

Ok – so back to this one minute camel thing. Sometimes in class we have time to hold the second set of camel for a minute. The instructor will let people know when the normal amount of holding time is up (which I already think is an eternity +1 for good measure) if you don’t want to hold it for a minute.

I have done a minute camel before. Once, at home, I had someone time me in a camel. I just held it until I couldn’t hold it anymore and it ended up being a minute. I almost got stuck coming out of it.

But I got issued a challenge – by a fellow student – and the instructor said she would stand next to me and count me out of it. This student knew I could do it and was mentally holding myself back (ok – correct).

So yes, I held stupid camel for one minute. And you can see I had an absolutely lovely attitude about it.

I was willing. That's a huge step.

Do you want to hold stupid camel for one minute (or whatever is appropriately challenging for you)? Here are some tips:

1. No one’s lying about the breath. It really is the most important thing. Keep control of it and breath slow. I can take about 20 breaths in a minute. I breath in and out and that’s one. I just keep counting like that….which brings me to –

2. Find something to focus on both internally and externally. I focused on my breath. That was my internal focus. I found a spot on the wall to look at for an external focus.

3. Don’t listen to your brain. It is massively lazy and will tell you to come out early. That’s where counting your breaths comes in handy.

When I came out I felt dizzy and sick. I immediately drank water. Water tastes best after camel. I know they tell you not to drink after camel and just feel whatever you feel. Screw that. I did a one minute camel. I’m having water and suppressing everything. Baby steps people. Baby steps.

What posture gives you the run around?


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  1. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Jan 18, 2015 @ 01:38:47

    Retro Throwback: One Minute Camel Tips #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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