Retro Throwback: Be a Good Yoga Buddy

On Sundays, please enjoy the Retro Throwback where I share my favorite posts from some time ago.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my practice it’s this:

We all need yoga buddies to help us out, and we all need to be yoga buddies for others.

What’s a yoga buddy? A yoga buddy is more than a friend. It’s also more than someone who you happen to know that you also practice with. A yoga buddy is the kind of person who:

(a) supports you when you are down. Having a bad day? Yoga buddy doesn’t have to hear about it if you don’t want to discuss. Yoga buddy will practice next to you, in front of you, or behind you. The purpose of the buddy is to be present and lend you some strength, energy, assurance – whatever it is you need.

(b) helps you believe in yourself on and off the mat. You might talk to a yoga buddy outside of the studio, and you might not. These relationships evolve in their own way. But they know you. They can tell when you’re having an off day, and they help you know it’s temporary.

Yoga Buddies keep it in perspective

(c) helps you understand your practice. You might see a class you just took as not being particularly good only to have a buddy tell you how much progress he/she noticed in some of your postures. Yoga buddies provide a much needed outside perspective.

(d) doesn’t put up with your crap. Your yoga buddy is there is support you, but not listen to your drivel and whine. Yoga buddies know when you give you  a hug, and they know when to tell you to get your butt to class. They do not make excuses for you.

And just as these are some of the things yoga buddies do for you, so too must you do these things (and more) for others. Being a yoga buddy is an important responsibility, and it’s an important part of our practice. I write this post today to say thank you to all my yoga buddies both in the studio and who read this blog. Yeah, we can have virtual yoga buddies. And they rock just as hard.

Give a yoga buddy some love today. Tell them how much you appreciate them.



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  1. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Feb 19, 2015 @ 01:06:44

    Retro Throwback: Be a Good… #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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