Favorite Things: Thug Kitchen

You might have noticed I haven’t been sharing any recipes lately. That’s because back in November, for my birthday, my brother got me a copy of Thug KitchenThug Kitchen is an amazing vegan cookbook that brings you simple, easy recipes using stuff you are already have in your kitchen.

I’ve made several items from it already including:


Delicious, yummy croutons. Croutons are simple to make. TK gives you a great recipe for adding some flavor to them. I buy two loaves of french bread from the restaurant next door to my studio and make them all at once (one loaf of bread at a time – takes about 30 minutes to do from start to finish). I then put these suckers into Tupperware containers and toss them in my pantry. These are croutons – they are not going to spoil. And while I put these on salads and in soups, I also just randomly snack on them. Do I look weird dragging loaves of bread with me into the yoga studio? Probably, but not as weird as when the place next door has a half off wine sale and I drag 4+ bottles of wine to class with me. Remember, there is no judgement in yoga.

I’ve also made the chickpea and dumpling soup:



I know, that sounds weird, right? Well, it did to me. I know what chicken and dumplings are, but chickpeas and dumplings? The soup also has kale in it. I thought it would either work out well or it would just be weird. Turns out it is amazing!!! If you make this, I suggest doing a double batch because it is so delicious and it freezes well.

The dumplings are not hard to make. Here are some of mine in action:



I made them the day before and tossed them in the freezer. The next morning (or maybe it was a couple of days later), I put them in the fridge to thaw and then made the rest of the soup from there. You can make it all at once – it’s not that complicated, but you can also do a little bit of advanced prep if you so choose.

Finally, let me show you a picture of the tortilla soup alongside a vegan Caesar salad:


The salad features the croutons from earlier as well as a Caesar dressing featured in TK. The dressing is not hard to make. It uses almond slivers that I bought in the baking section of the grocery store. You do need a food processor. I’ve recently started adding Beyond Meat’s Beyond Chicken to it as well. I love a good chicken Caesar salad, and TK has helped me figure out a way to make it vegan.

And FYI: The tortilla soup, like the chickpea and dumplings, also freezes and reheats well. I’ve also made the root veggie fries. This is a matter of identifying a root vegetable, like a potato, and turning it into a french fry. TK has a great recipe for doing that that uses the oven. I’ve made it with carrots and parsnips. If you want a great dip for your veggie fries I recommend this roasted red pepper-walnut dip.

So, as you can see, I’ve been busy making a lot of food lately. I keep the croutons and Caesar dressing on hand all the time. In fact, I make a double batch of that dressing each time. It seems to hold up well in the fridge for a week to a week an a half. And you can probably see I’ve gone a little nuts over the TK cookbook.

You might be thinking that I love this cookbook so much because I’m already used to eating vegan. The real test then comes with what The Boyfriend, in all his meat eating glory, thinks. And you know what he thinks? He flipping loves every single thing I make out of this book. In fact, he is asking for the chickpea and dumplings again. He’s been asking for a month now. I promised him we’d do it next weekend. If TK had a recipe for how to cook up a piece of cardboard, I’m pretty sure The Boyfriend would eat it if I told him it came from TK. He so thoroughly believes in TK that he will eat anything that I cook that comes out of the book. He’s also addicted to those parsnip fries, and prior to me making them he did not know what a parsnip was.

The book is humorous and written in an easy to understand way. There are some items you will have to purchase for some recipes that you might not have heard of before – like nutritional yeast – but they tell you exactly what it is. Actually, to date I have only needed items that you can get at a typical grocery store. But anything else you can probably get at Whole Foods.

If you only buy one cookbook this year, it should be this one (or, even better, get someone to get it for you as a gift!). I eat something from it every single day!

Check out their promotional video (explicit language).

They also have a FB page where they share recipes. You can take a look and get a sense of what the book will be like. Note that most of the recipes on their page are not in the book. The book is its own thing.




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