Featured Recipe: Raw Almond Butter Cups

I would have written about these raw almond butter cups sooner,  but I have been far too busy stuffing my face with them. I was looking for a snack that wouldn’t be too bad for me but that involved chocolate. I knew I had some raw recipes saved and landed on the butter cups. I didn’t really have any of the ingredients, and I made some modifications, but it all worked out well.

First, I had to buy most of the stuff. And let me tell you, almond butter and coconut oil ain’t cheap (about 10.00 a bottle). But the coconut oil held up for four or so batches (I make 24 at a time), and the almond butter will be good for six to seven batches.

Second, on my shopping trip I had to buy rolled oats. These were not terribly expensive. I got Bob’s Red Mill – and it was a large bag. The bag was so large that I decided to not buy the almonds the recipe calls for. The decision to skip the almonds was based on the fact that almonds was one more thing to buy, and the recipe said you can make these using just oats. I had this huge bag of oats and I thought that was plenty (and it is).

016The recipe comes together really quickly and easily. For the cups, you can just mix everything together in a bowl. I don’t use my stand mixer for these. Then I press them into mini-cupcake tins. Next, it’s on to the chocolate sauce. This sauce is soooo good you could just drink it from the bowl (and maybe I did that….). It is the best chocolate sauce I have ever had in my life!

I find though that I tend to rip through the chocolate sauce pretty quickly, and I will admit that I might put a lot of chocolate sauce on top of my cups. This is also a reason why I am going through the coconut oil at a pretty high speed. I have to use it on both the cups and the sauce, and I’m making a double batch every time. So when you think of it like that it’s not really too expensive.

The cups are good after an hour, but they are at their best after two hours. I eventually pop them out of the tins and put them in a plastic bag in the freezer. If I make 24 they will last around three, maybe four, days. So yeah, I eat anywhere from four-six on a given day (or at a single sitting!).

These are vegan and raw and they are insanely delicious. I find myself making them ALL the time because they are 019that good!

The Boyfriend ignored these at first. Then he ate one, and then he ate about five more. Like me, he can’t stop eating them.

For a snack, these are very filling and satisfy my sweet tooth. The only downside is you can’t take them to work with you like you could a cookie. The chocolate sauce will start to melt so you have to eat them at home. It takes me about 20 minutes to make a batch and get them in the freezer. If you have a healthier snack – that involves chocolate – let me know. I would love to make it.

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  1. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Mar 16, 2015 @ 07:39:25

    Best #vegan snack ever! http://t.co/qjoH1GcpVV


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