Favorite Things: Quinoa Skinny Sticks

“What ‘cha got?” The Boyfriend asked.

I had a bowl full of Quinoa Skinny Sticks. “These are…” I paused not sure how to explain what I was eating.  “These are made from quinoa.”

He scrunched up his face in a way that said he wasn’t interested.

“It’s a sweet onion flavor. Go ahead. Try one. I think you’ll like it.”

“No thanks,” he said.

We sat down on the couch and he stared into my bowl. “Why don’t you just have one?” I asked. “They aren’t weird. I think you will like them.”

He continued to stare at them.

I shoved the bowl in his face. “For God’s sake just take one. One will not kill you.”

He took one. And then another and another and so on…

“Let me go get some more,” I said. At this point I wasn’t actually eating any of them. He hopped off the couch, got the bag, and took out a bowl. “Just use my bowl,” I said.

“No. I want my own bowl. I don’t want to have to share these.”

quinoaMy Skinny Quinoa Sticks were an impulse buy from a recent trip to Fresh Market. I had no real reason for buying them except they just looked interesting. It’s not something I see at a typical grocery store. Plus, I was curious as to what a snack made from quinoa would taste like.

Turns out pretty darn good. So good in fact that The Boyfriend had to get how own bowl full.

These are Nong-GMO, Vegan, and gluten-free. They are also made from actual food. I knew what each of the ingredients are (which includes quinoa flour and chia seeds). You can go here to learn more about what’s in them.

They claim to be “super high in taste,” and I’m going to agree with that statement. Although I’ve only had the sweet onion (and it tasted just like I thought it would), I would be interesting in trying other flavors. The sticks also have a nice crunch to them.

So if you see them, grab a bag. And maybe hide them somewhere safe in your house. Apparently not everyone wants to share these.

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