Do You Live Here?

A couple of days ago (Day 59 in the challenge), someone walked past me at the studio and said, “Do you live here?”

“Well,” I responded, “today is Day 59 so yeah. I kinda do.”

The next day I was in the lobby after class getting my stuff together to go home. A woman remarked that every day she was at the studio she realized that was also at the studio. I explained to her that I was doing a 100-Day challenge and had just completed Day 60.

She responded something to the effect that this was an amazing, inspiring thing to do.

I thanked her but then said that the trick was to simply get up and come to the studio. Then go home and get back up and come in the next day. Then repeat that process 100 times.

I looked up "amazing" and found this. Let's go here.

I looked up “amazing” and found this. Let’s go here.

Not really that difficult when you think about it like that is it?

And yet, some days it is. It really, really is.

Why is that?

I made it through the first 30 days without a care in the world. They were easy to get through (I didn’t say all the classes were great, but I wasn’t focused so much on the challenge at that point). Once I hit Day 50 is when things start to get difficult. The 50’s were a mess. A complete mess. And now I find myself focused on numbers and counting which is kinda silly. The days will come as they come.

But I have found that from this point on it is helpful to think of things in 10’s – Day 60, Day 70, and so on, and I have it marked on my calendar as such right up to Day 100. I think I just need an anchor every 10 days. I think it will help me not focus so much on the numbers in-between.

I still haven’t crossed my personal record – 66 days in a row – but will be there soon. Today is Day 62. In just a few short days I will cross into uncharted waters. And that should really be interesting.

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  1. Mark Quast (@do_the_posture)
    Mar 30, 2015 @ 07:25:55

    My yoga buddy @LeighAHall is in the midst of a 100 day #bikramyoga challenge. Read latest here:


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