Uncharted Territory

I have officially crossed into uncharted waters with my practice. On Saturday, I hit Day 67/100 making this now my longest running yoga streak. My previous streak was 66 days which I did about three years ago.

I realized that Tuesday will be day 70, and then I will only have 30 more days left. Suddenly the challenge seems like it is flying by. Suddenly it seems doable and attainable. I think this 100-Day thing is actually going to happen.

I’m really glad to have the 50’s behind me. They totally sucked. However, the 60’s have been only marginally better. I’ve already spent about three days of them sitting out a lot of stuff and someone described me as looking “wrecked” on Day 67. That was probably a fair assessment since I pretty much called it a day around Triangle.



Once I hit 100 days my plan is to just continue going until something comes up that prevents me from going to class (actually, my first plan of action is to treat myself to a giant pile of nachos). This has been my biggest take away from the entire challenge – just go to class. Even if you are not doing a challenge, sometimes just going to class can be a challenge in and of itself. When you think you can’t go stop and assess yourself. Why are you thinking you can’t go? If the answer is because you don’t feel like it then you should probably go. If you are feeling overwhelmed, then you should probably go. Even when I am pressed for time I find that going to class helps with everything else in my life.

In the end, only you can determine if you should go to class or not but at the very least engage with yourself when you think you’re not going to go. Have a conversation with yourself and try to determine why you are not going. Be aware. Even if you skip class because you just didn’t feel like doing it, the next best thing you can do for yourself is be aware that’s what you did. Then find time to sit and explore that decision a bit.

No matter how good or crappy (and there seems to be plenty of crappy going around right now!) my classes are, this whole experience is definitely increasing my self awareness. I’m more aware of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I’m much better at not being reactive to things (better – not awesome). I’m noticing a great ability to focus on and off the mat. This challenge is hard, but it has been worth it.



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  1. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Apr 06, 2015 @ 07:55:52

    Entering the last 1/3 of my 100-Day challenge: http://t.co/pAFjmPUehT #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


  2. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 09:00:42

    Uncharted Territory – http://t.co/MurKNAKiKB


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