The Unpredictable 70’s

Today is Day 76/100 in my challenge. If the 50’s were terrible, and the 60’s mediocre, then I have to say that the 70’s are unpredictable. They started off well but quickly went downhill from there, and then back up again, and then also somewhere in-between. I just don’t know what I’m getting with this set of days, and that’s ok.

In the early 70’s I had one of those classes were I was pretty much done fairly early on. I’d like to say that I was done at triangle, but really I went down at balancing stick, and technically I wanted to call it a day when we got to standing bow. Those are the longest and most painful classes ever. EVER.

And I still wish I could offer y’all up something in terms of how my postures have improved – even just one for goodness sake – but I can’t. I can’t tell that anything it any better. Someone may see something different in me. Sometimes we fail to see our own improvements, but I don’t think that this challenge is about the postures for me at all. I think this time it’s focusing in on my mental and emotional side as well as helping me with my concentration.

uncomfortableOh yeah – and it’s also forcing me to accept things I don’t want to accept in the hot room. For example, take the day I couldn’t balance on one leg at all. AT ALL. In SH2K I couldn’t even raise my leg up and bend down to grab my foot. I’d fall out way before I even got my foot. Didn’t matter what side we were on. Didn’t matter what set, and it didn’t matter what the posture was. If it required me to balance on one leg that day I was out. I tried. Again and again I tried, and again and again I had zero balance.

The next day I was back to normal. But for that one class I had to learn to accept that my body wasn’t going to do what I thought I should expect it to do.

I keep thinking this challenge is almost over, but apparently that is not the case. I thought the last 30 days would fly by and be a cake walk, but the Universe is here to remind me that I really don’t get a say in how these things go.

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  1. Bill Affourtit (@waffourt)
    Apr 13, 2015 @ 06:28:21

    The Unpredictable 70’s – via @shareaholic


  2. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 12:30:08

    The Unpredictable 70’s –


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