The Awesome 80’s

Do you love the 80’s? I sure do.

Somewhere way back when I was between class 70-79, a yoga buddy asked me what day of the challenge I was on. When I noted I was somewhere in the 70’s she said, “That’s awesome. You must be feeling great.”

“Not really,” I said.

Going from Day 70 to Day 80 felt like it was 30 days long. I do not know why, but the 70’s ended up being just terribly miserable. I spent a lot of it on the floor praying for death. Death never comes. I never get off easy.

On Day 80, I ran into a yoga buddy who as done not one but two (two!) 100-Day challenges. When I told him I was on Day 80, he asked me how the 70’s had treated me. I told him, and he replied that from what he could tell the 70’s pretty much stink for everyone.

He explained that he once had a conversation with Mary Jarvis and she had told him it seemed normal for people to really struggle with the 70’s during a 100-Day challenge. My buddy said that the 70’s were awful for him during both his challenges. However, he assured me that the 80’s were amazing.

And thank God. He was right!

i love the 80sIn the 80’s, I actually managed to pull off a full on SH2K (just once but who cares) and hold onto it. I had more energy. Even my “bad” classes were not as bad as the ones I had in the 70’s. Yes, I had to sit out some postures here and there, but I spent more time doing the postures than laying on the floor and crying. It was a relief.

Today marks Day 90/100, and I am starting to believe I am going to hit the 100-Day mark. This is seeming like a reality!

Someone recently asked me if I had noticed any physical changes in myself, and I really can’t tell that I have. Don’t let my experience turn you off though! A 100-Day challenge could totally have a different effect on you. For me, this challenge has not been about the postures at all. It’s been something much more deeper that I didn’t even know was possible. I’ll tell you more about it once I make it to 100.

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  1. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    May 02, 2015 @ 12:30:10

    Hitting the 90’s in the 100-Day Challenge: #bikramyoga #yogaholicsamag


  2. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    May 07, 2015 @ 15:30:10

    The Awesome 80’s –


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