Day 97

Today will be the day I take my 97th class out of 100. Whew. I’m thinking this is actually going to happen. I am starting to believe I will make it to 100.

I think I say that about every week, but it’s true. While I have always been committed to doing the 100-Day challenge, let’s face it, it’s hard. And I don’t mean the typical physical/emotional/etc….kind of hard. I mean life hard. There are so many things that could pop up over a course of 100 days that have to be attended to that would stop the challenge that are beyond my control. But it seems like I am going to make it across the finish line (Thursday, May 7th is Day 100).

Last week I talked about how the 80’s were pretty awesome. They really were. The 90’s are pretty good too. I have my share of ups and downs, but they are not as bad as the 70’s. Really, from class 50-80 it was all pretty much an awful, awful mess. I don’t know what that was all about, but I am hopeful I am beyond it. I live in fear that those days will return again, but I try not to let those thoughts take over my mind.

The 90's have been good to me.

The 90’s have been good to me.

Last week, I also said that I didn’t notice any physical changes with myself. Since then I’ve had two unsolicited thoughts on this. First, a Yoga Buddy told me that my full locust was looking awesome. That was a nice thing to hear. However, it was probably just looking awesome on that day. I’m not trying to diminish the compliment, but I have learned to accept postures for what they are on that day, at that time – no more, no less.

Second, The Boyfriend informed me that I was “looking ripped.”  I mean, ok, I guess? I don’t know. If we assume I am, this is probably a combination of things. First, obviously, the challenge. But second, I have been eating a ton more veggies lately. I subscribed to a local produce delivery service. Each week I get to pick a box to have delivered to my house that is filled with a variety of things. For some reason, I seem to constantly be selecting ones that have tomatoes and kale. So at lunch and dinner I am always eating veggies now, and I am always eating tomatoes and kale at one or both of those.

FYI: Having a box of produce show up on my doorstep is really working for me. I am flat out too lazy to go to the farmers market. That requires me to get cash. And even when I know I should be eating more veggies I just don’t run out to the store and buy them. This way, I am staring down a box each week that I have to do something with and so I do.

It has also worked in the sense that my meals have gotten super simple. I can do a lot with kale and tomatoes. For example, I am addicted to pan-fried kale which works as a side dish or part of a meal. Here’s a simple idea:

– Cook spaghetti (I make about 2.5 ounces)

– Pan fry your kale (I like to add garlic and lemon juice)

– chop up a tomato and cook it up. get it nice and warm and squishy. If I have an onion, I’ll dice some up and toss some in too.

Mix all of that together. Dinner! Swap out the spaghetti for chick peas or an egg if you want. I tend to vary it.

I’ve now gotten off track. The point is, apparently I’ve got some physical changes going on too, but I am not personally noticing them.

By the time I talk to y’all next week I’ll have done my 100-Days. What happens next? Nothing. I’ve made the decision to keep going until I just can’t make it to class. Eventually, this will happen as I am taking a trip in June. This streak will come to an end one way or another.

Next week I’ll talk to you about what I have learned overall from doing a 100-Day challenge and what I have gained from it.

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  1. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    May 05, 2015 @ 09:00:42

    Day 97/100: #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag #challenge


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