Retro Throwback: Bye Bye Breathe Mat

On Sundays, please enjoy the Retro Throwback where I share my favorite posts from some time ago.

I love my Breathe mat. I have two of them – an orange and a yellow. I’ve been using them for over two years, and I think they are so much better than a rubber mat with a towel thrown on top. My Breathe mat is comfortable. It doesn’t bunch up. It is awesome.

I decided to buy my Breathe mat because I got lazy when it came to laundry. For a rubber mat/towel combo I had two things to clean. With a Breathe mat only one. Then my studio started offering a mat cleaning and storage service. Bingo! I paid them to wash/dry/hang up my mat. And since I practice 5-7 days a week, well, let’s just say I got my money’s worth (not to mention the time and hassle it saved me!).

Breathe mats are awesome.


I used my studio’s service for two years. And then a sad, sad day came. They were no longer going to be able to offer the service to people who used Breathe mats. Why? Because the mats were beating the living daylights out of their washer. So, sadly, I took my Breathe mat home and began to wash and dry it myself pretty much every day.

And you know what? That mat is beating the crap out of my washer. My brand new, super shiny, super expensive washer.

When I got divorced and moved, I had to buy a new washer and dryer, and I did not skimp out here. I bought a cheap fridge so I could have a super nice washer and dryer with all the fancy bells and whistles. I suppose if I was still living in my last place with a washer that was 12 years old – and very basic – I might not care. But I decided that in this case I did care.

And so I made the painful decision – no more Breathe mat. Back to the rubber mat and towel. But guess what? I am still lazy about cleaning a mat and a towel. So I forked over the money to have the studio clean my rubber mat and store it for me. Because I know myself. I am way to lazy to clean a rubber mat 5-7 times a week AND wash a towel. Plus I get all grumpy just having to carry it back and forth. Honestly, I didn’t carry it back and forth or clean it even a single time. The mere fact that I had to haul it in once was enough for me to sign back up for the mat cleaning service on the spot.

I am lazy and spoiled.


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