Thoughts on Competing

I’m trying to decide if I should get back into competing. Last year, I did not compete. First, I had a back injury that pretty much took me down for six months. I couldn’t do rabbit at all for six months and SH2K for most of that time. Forget training. I had to heal.

However, even if I had wanted to compete it probably would not have happened. I managed to get the flu one week out. I wanted to go and watch the competition but didn’t because I wasn’t fully recovered. I recall that ended up being a good decision.

I wasn’t even really thinking about competing until I walked into the room one day and found a yoga buddy doing Bird of Paradise:

bird of paradise


I was simply amazed watching her do it. It looked so beautiful and incredible. So I asked her if she would teach me.

Now, my yoga buddy does this posture on her right side meaning it’s her right leg that she lifts up and kicks out. So I just set myself up to do it the same way without giving it a second thought. However, right away I had issues. I couldn’t get my right and left hand to meet (I could get close). She suggested I grab onto my arms and get as close as I could with the grip. So I did.

The next step was to stand up. I am supposed to raise my right foot slightly off the floor and stand up on my left leg. Uhhhh….no. Not even close. I kinda just bounced up and down all hunched over with my face inches above the floor.


The next day I came back interested in trying again but not really sure I was gonna get anywhere with this. My yoga buddy reminded me that I had another side. I could try standing up on my right leg instead of my left. Duh.

One day we will make our toes touch.

One day we will make our toes touch.

This side was much different. I easily got my arms wrapped around my leg and clasped my hands together. Then, my buddy told me to stand up. I expected nothing (no expectations!). I raised my left foot slightly off the floor and started to stand up on my right leg.

Holy crap! I am standing up on one leg.

It completely freaked me the heck out. But I did it. I may have even kicked my leg out a bit too the first time – don’t really remember here. Once I got over being freaked out I just wanted to do this posture about a million times a day. It is so much fun!

My buddy and I started practicing it together before class. We do it three-fives times (and trust me, that’s plenty!). I have things I need to work on with it such as standing up straighter and getting my left leg to lock out, but I am not obsessed. These things will come in time. Or not. The posture is fun, and I don’t care.

Being able to do this posture pretty well (I think) from almost the get-go has made me think about competing again. I’m not really interested in training super hard – I just don’t want to devote that kind of time to it. But I think I might like doing it just for the sake of saying here is where I am with my practice today. I’m not interested in moving beyond regionals (that sounds terrifying), but I think I could be interested in doing a demonstration locally.

So, we’ll see. This posture has got me super inspired.

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