My View on Competition

Last week, I wrote about how I was thinking about competing again thanks to being introduced to Bird of Paradise by one of my Yoga Buddy. Just being able to kinda sorta do that posture made me so happy and thinking about competing.

But in no way am I interested in spending massive amounts of time training to compete. If I do this, I’m doing it purely to get up and show where I am with each posture.

It’s not that I wouldn’t do some extra work or anything. I probably would – maybe. I make no promises. And for sure I would practice my routine. But I’ve shifted in my thinking about competition. For me, it’s an opportunity to go onstage and show people my practice. Maybe it will move someone to want to try yoga for the first time or introduce someone to a posture the way my Yoga Buddy introduced me to Bird of Paradise.

Maybe I'll do Camel in my routine. Ha ha. No I won't.

Maybe I’ll do Camel in my routine. Ha ha. No I won’t.

I started looking through the rules and trying to decide what postures I would do if I competed. And then I thought, you know, just stop it. Just go on about your practice. I mean, yes, practice Bird of Paradise (because it’s fun!) and, yes, think about what postures I might do, but let’s not stress over this. The whole reason I thought about doing it again in the first place was because doing Bird of Paradise was just so darn fun.

So, will I compete? I dunno. Probably. The odds are high, but I have a general rule in place (meaning I can break it if I want to, but it’s kinda my line in the sand). It has to be local. I’m not interested in driving across the state and spending a night or two to make it happen. As much fun as it might be, I don’t think it’s spend several hundred dollars kind of fun.

For now, I just want to mess around with Bird of Paradise and have fun. That’s more than enough.

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