Retro Throwback: I (finally) Learned to Kick

On Sundays, please enjoy the Retro Throwback where I share my favorite posts from some time ago.

It has taken me about three years, but I think I finally understand a tiny piece of dialogue in standing bow now. Of course I do not have access to the full dialogue for standing bow, but if you’ve been practicing awhile I think you will be able to follow me.

In standing bow, there is apparently a very important part to holding the posture which involves kicking the leg you are holding in your hand. On some level, I have always understood that. How else am I ever going to drop down and get my leg up if I don’t kick it?

Ok…so far so good. But the problem for me is this is where my understanding about kicking stopped. I never fully grasped – or maybe even fully heard – that once I had gotten about as far into the posture as I was going to get that I still needed to keep kicking. Yes, I needed to keep kicking even if my leg wasn’t physically going up any further.



I am sure some of you know this already or do it without even thinking. But not too long ago, I heard it for the first time. When I say I “heard it for the first time” I don’t literally mean that. I had heard it a thousand times, but I had never been able to truly hear it, engage with that aspect of the dialogue, and work on applying it.

And once I heard the dialogue about kicking it really opened up the posture for me! Now I understood why I was falling out a whole lot better. I had something new to focus in on, and I noticed a big difference. The kicking wasn’t allowing me to go any deeper – that I was aware of – but it was allowing me to hold the posture longer which was fun and amazing in and of itself. I noticed it on my right side the most which is my weakest side in terms of flexibility and strength.

I share this story with you as a reminder of how fun and interesting our practices can be no matter how long we have been at it! Although we might have been practicing for months or years, and although we might have heard the dialogue for hundreds or even thousands of classes, there are always things we are missing. There is always the opportunity to hear things in new ways that then change our practice. We never know when these moments will hit, but when we do they are wonderful opportunities and can shape our practice in new ways. We just have to be open and aware.


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  1. Bill Affourtit (@waffourt)
    Aug 02, 2015 @ 20:54:17

    Retro Throwback: I (finally) Learned to Kick – via @shareaholic


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