Retro Throwback: Yoga Clothes or Bathing Suit?

On Sundays, please enjoy the Retro Throwback where I share my favorite posts from some time ago.

You might know that I have been pondering if yoga clothes can actually be used in place of a bathing suit. The answer is yes, sort of, and I don’t know.

The other day, I got talked into going to the pool. I say talked into because it was not at all warm enough outside to go swimming. Another way to read that sentence is, It was below 100 degrees outside and in no way was the water going to be warm enough for me.

I have hit an important threshold in what I call hot and cold. It no longer starts to get warm outside until it hits 90 degrees. The other day it was 78 degrees out, and I put on fleece to walk the dog. If it is less than 100 there is no way I am going to consider getting in the pool. The water will just be too cold.

Folks, I am not joking.

This is about right for swimming.

But I agreed to go to the pool because I knew I could lay there and read. However, I was not in the mood to put on my bathing suit. It really does need to be replaced, but since I rarely go swimming anymore I am too lazy to pay money to replace it. Can’t I just use these yoga clothes? Aren’t they good enough?

Yes, they are absolutely good enough if all you want to do is lay out by the pool and read. I even wore modest yoga clothes (and in some cases I bet my yoga clothes had more material than a bathing suit). I was totally comfortable and happy lounging around the pool in them. Since I did not get in the water – I was correct that it was too cold – I cannot comment about swimming in them, but really, I think they would hold up. The yoga clothes I wore would probably stay on better than some bathing suits anyways! I also have no idea if the chlorine would mess up the clothes in any way. I doubt I will wear an actual bathing suit for the rest of the year. Likely I’ll stick to my yoga clothes. And since it doesn’t look like it’s ever going to get above 100 this summer, I probably won’t be swimming anyways.

What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever worn your yoga clothes too? Or, where are you wondering about wearing them too?



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  1. Bill Affourtit (@waffourt)
    Aug 09, 2015 @ 13:14:49

    Retro Throwback: Yoga Clothes or Bathing Suit? – via @shareaholic


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