Retro Throwback: My Yoga Struggles

On Sundays, please enjoy the Retro Throwback where I share my favorite posts from some time ago.

Welcome to the second issue of the  Yoga Carnival! The theme for this issue is My Yoga Struggles. Bloggers were asked to contribute a post about anything related to the struggles they have encountered as a part of their yoga practice. I hope you find the results interesting because I think you are in store for some fascinating reads. So grab some popcorn (or kale…whatever is your thing) and enjoy the ride.

1. Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves in Yoga Class: I’ve lied to myself in yoga class for almost a decade. It’s just part of the process. We come to our mats full of expectations for ourselves, our bodies and the people around us, and over time we realize that the lies we tell ourselves about having to be thin, or flexible etc. just don’t matter. That’s part of the beauty of yoga, it allows us to let go of those lies and live our lives. In this piece I take ten lies I’ve told myself over the years, and struggled with, and put them in context that is hopefully helpful for yogis of all disciplines.

 2. It’s Never Easy: I define the word struggle and think about how the word applies to my practice. Struggles push us, and they are not always easy, but they are not always terrible. Many good things can come from struggles.
3. The Panic Attack: What happens when you follow a panic attack with a yoga class?

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