Favorite Things: Wholly Guacamole

I have briefly noted my love for wholly guacamole back when I made vegan toast. My love affair with them just continues to grow. Their product is just so freaking perfect and solves all my issues with avocados. Yes, I have issues with avocados. Basically, I love them but:

  • they are expensive
  • I can never eat an entire avocado at once
  • I can’t figure out what to do to keep my leftover from going bad and I am tired of trying to figure it out.

Wholly Guacamole solves all these issues for me. Their product is not expensive. It doesn’t not matter how much I eat (or don’t eat) at once, and it saves just fine. It’s also delicious.

I first got addicted to their Avocado Verde. It’s got jalapenos in it, and it’s a little spice. You can get non-spicy items if you’re not into it. The Avocado Verde is what I was using on my toast.

Avocado Verde in action

Avocado Verde in action

But then, one day I went to the store and they were sold out! Nuts! So I picked up a mini-pack of guacamole. Also totally delicious. The great thing about the guacamole – I’m not sure if this is the case with the Avocado Verde – is that you can freeze them. So if I don’t eat all my guacamole, I don’t have to toss it out! I love this stuff. And FYI: the mini-packs save. I use about half of one on my toast, cover it back up, put it in a zip lock bag, and it keeps just fine.

You can use this stuff on just about anything. Obviously you can dip chips in it (which, oddly enough, I have not done). You can use it to make the vegan toast. You can add cucumbers onto the vegan toast by the way and that is also delicious. You can put it on a salad. I recently put some on a salad and the salad was soooo good I ate it and forgot to take a picture to show you. In case you need some inspiration, they have recipes for you. I’m already thinking the deconstructed guacamole looks like a necessary thing to eat.

I found Wholly Guacamole by accident one day in the produce section. It was hanging out in a case next to freshly prepared salsas. I’m addicted. Completely and totally addicted. Mostly I am thrilled to be able to enjoy my avocado eating without having to deal with the purchase of an actual avocado.

Two Years Ago Today on MBYL

One Year Ago Today on MBYL

I Hate Yoga

When I heard that there was going to be a new yoga book released I had to get my hands on it. I had to read it, and I had to read it right then and now! Makes you wonder just how much my yoga practice has taught me about patience and acceptance, right?

So I was very pleased that I had to do only a tiny bit of begging to get Paul McQuillan to hand over a copy of his new book I Hate Yoga And Why You’ll Love to Hate it Too. Paul is the owner/director of Be Hot Yoga in Toronto, Canada. His book is being released on November 11th. You can pre-order it now on Amazon.

I Hate Yoga takes a look at how any of us might become disenchanted with our yoga practice, the difficulties and struggles we encounter within ourselves, the messages others (and society) send to us about our practice, and what happens once we are able to move past it all. It is a funny, serious, and mind-opening book that fully engages with the good, the bad, and everything in between of having a regular yoga practice. As readers, we hear some about Paul’s yoga journey and what he has learned as well as what he has learned during his time as a teacher.

Paul comes from a musical theater background and is good friends with John Salvatore – the man that tried to kill me with heat and stillness in Las Vegas. I kid. That class in Vegas was like the best/worst class ever. To quote a yoga buddy it was, “horribly fabulous.”

My references to not being so great at patience and acceptance, and my reference to John’s class in Las Vegas, are not off track. They are related to Paul’s book which, to me, said the following:

Yoga is hard. It will hand you exactly what you need on a big, shiny, silver platter. On many days, your platter will be piled high with crap. You may choose to ignore the crap, but it will never go away. If anything, it will find ways to manifest itself in your life outside the hot room. If you choose to engage with the crap, it will also not be fun but it can get you to a better/different place that has the potential to be fun. The yoga gives you what you need. What you do with it is up to you.

For me, reading Paul’s book was a reminder of the above. His ideas forced me to look deeper into myself. Getting back to John’s Las Vegas class, I know I have an issue with stillness and fidgeting. John demanded everyone be still when not moving into/out of a posture. I accepted the challenge (well, it was more like an expectation) because I wanted to see what would happen. I wanted to see what I would experience (ok..I might have been a tad scared to move too).

And while the entire class was pretty much a giant load of suck (except for the times when John would sing to us), it was a giant load of suck because it pushed me right up to my edge in a way that had never happened to me before.


In that moment, I fully hated and fully loved yoga at the same time. I hated how it was challenging me. I hated how I was pushed to focus in ways that I had never had to focus before. I hated the soreness I could already feel coming on in my muscles. And why did I hate it? I hated it because, when you get down to it, the yoga was not allowing me to by lazy that day. I wanted to be a bit lazy.

But at the same time I loved that class because it showed me how I could concentrate in ways I had never realized were possible. For a brief window of time, I had such a deep level of concentration and focus. That class was almost nine months ago, and I still remember it. It was a transformative moment.

I Hate Yoga will transform you too if you let it in.  While Paul will remind you of benefits you probably already know, or have experienced, he will also challenge you to engage more fully with the practice and the aspects you may shy away from – because they are uncomfortable, you don’t like them, you want to have a lazy class, and so on. Paul also reminds us that a lot of what we hate about yoga has nothing to do with the heat or the postures but the mental aspects we must face when we look at ourselves in the mirror.

We learn to deal with the heat. We learn the postures. That comes relatively quickly. It’s everything else that we have to contend with that’s the real challenge.

Following my Vegas example, I can use the hot room to explore my difficulties with fidgeting and stillness. Why am I so darn fidgety? Why does it tend to want to happen the most in half-moon? What would happen if I didn’t fidget at all in half-moon? What might I learn about myself and how would I benefit in and outside the hot room?

You can find what you hate about yoga (and that’s not hard!) and you have a choice. You can shove it aside or you can engage with it. Either way, Paul reminds us that this yoga journey is OUR yoga journey. And, most importantly, he reminds us that this is not a linear journey. So stop thinking that because you got your head on your knee today in SH2K that this means you will do it again tomorrow or anytime soon for that matter. Stop having expectations. Stop thinking that A progresses to B. Sometimes it does, but other times A goes to D and then back to A again for a really, really long time. And it’s doing that because that is what you need. So pay attention.

Paul also reminds us that our yoga journey is, and always will be designed especially for us. Pretty cool when you think about the fact that while we are all doing the same postures over the same time frame, what the postures bring to us is uniquely different.

So tell me….why do you hate yoga and why do you love to hate it?

Powered by Bits!

I don’t know how I first learned about Energy Bits. I think they started following me on twitter. So I looked at them and thought they seemed interesting. Before I knew what had happened, I had turned into an Energy Bits junkie. If you are looking to increase and sustain your Energy, then Energy Bits might be for you. They also have other products that might be more your style, but I have not tried them and can only comment on the Energy Bits.

What Are Energy Bits?

Energy Bits are little green algae tablets that are nutritionally dense. Yes, I said little green algae tablets. They are supposed to get rid of fatigue and keep you mentally alert. They, “have the highest concentration of protein in the world and deliver a steady stream of energy all without sugar, caffeine, chemicals, or stomach distress.” Each tablet is one calorie. They are also an excellent source of Vitamin B (and yes, this includes B-12). One serving of Energy Bits, which is 30 tablets, will cover the majority of your vitamin B needs for the day. If you are vegetarian/vegan, this means you can stop taking a B-12 supplement because you’ll get all you need here (hooray!).

Size of one tablet.

Size of one tablet.

What’s the deal with the protein? A single serving of Energy Bits has 64% of your protein intake (give or take based on your individual needs of course). The next highest on the list was tofu which had a single serving protein amount of 35%.  So take your serving of Energy Bits, and you’re already doing excellent on the protein end of things. I’m guessing you can round out the rest no problem with what you would normally eat during the day.

I’m Eating Algae?

Yes and no. You’re swallowing tablets so you are ingesting the algae. The tablets are about the size of an Advil, maybe a bit smaller. You can chew them, but that’s not recommended because apparently they don’t taste so great. I’m not about to chew them so I can’t comment. I swallow them two at a time.

You will notice that they have a bit of a funky odor (they are algae!). You can rectify this by not sticking your nose in the bag. Seriously, after about a week of taking them I realized I didn’t even notice the smell anymore. You’ll adjust. You may notice that some of the green algae dust gets on your fingers but it comes right off in water. Your fingers won’t get stained.

Wait….Why Do I Want to Eat Algae?

Energy Bits makes the distinction that algae is a food and not a supplement. So think of these tablets first off as a food source. There is only one ingredient in the tablets – algae. And no chemicals are used to grow the algae used in the tablets. You don’t have to worry about anything weird showing up in it. The literature I received from Energy Bits said that there were so many health benefits to eating algae some of which included providing instant energy, preventing colds, and killing bacteria.

What Did I Notice?

I’ve been at this now for almost a month. I take my Energy Bits most days (just one serving of 30 tablets). I normally take them in the morning, but you can take them anytime.  Here’s what I found:

1. Energy Bits got rid of my afternoon slump. I am a morning person. I start to nod off about 1:00 and often want to nap. However, I can’t always run off and take a nap (darn it!), and I need to be mentally focused. On the days I take my Energy Bits I am focused for the entire day.

2. I skipped some days intentionally to see what would happen and dang it if I didn’t get my afternoon slump back.

3. Ladies, Energy Bits helped me with my menstrual cycle. I get unbelievably tired during the days leading up to the first day of my period. However, I was popping my Energy Bits this last time and suddenly I realized I did not get that terribly energy drain before or during my cycle. If you have issues with getting tired during your cycle, these might help.

Keep a serving in this adorable container.

Keep a serving in this adorable container.

What Can Energy Bits NOT Do?

Energy Bits did not help me have a better triangle posture or increase my enjoyment for camel. 🙂 I actually had to show up to class day after day to get better at my postures. BUT it did improve my mental clarity and focus which I believe has translated into greater stillness in class (or at least an awareness that I should try to improve my stillness).

When Do I NOT Take Energy Bits?

Believe it or not, I have certain days when I do not take my Energy Bits they are:

1. Days I want to be lazy. Seriously. If it’s a rainy day and I want to watch movies and take a nap then I forgo the Energy Bits.

2. When I go to acupuncture. Acupuncture results in energy changes in my body. I just don’t want to mix acupuncture with Energy Bits.

3. When I get a massage or facial. Again, these are days I kinda want to space out.

That’s it. Otherwise, I take them.

Do You Want to Try Energy Bits?

When you go to buy Energy Bits you’re going to (probably) think they are expensive. One bag is 115.00. Wait! Don’t run away from me. You know I got you covered, right? You can get a 20% discount which brings the bill down to about 92.00 for a bag. Just enter MBYL into the coupon code box when you check out. This discount is good forever. No time limits. So think about it, and feel free to ask me further questions in the comments.

Once I got over the sticker shock I realized a few things:

1. This is an entire month’s supply

2. I get to toss out my B-12 supplements.

3. One bag will really last me a bit more than a month because while I take my Energy Bits most days I don’t take them everyday.

Is it really worth the price? For me, yes, it absolutely is. I’m hooked. I love the focus I get all day long from taking them.


Energy Bits provided me with a free (2-day) sample, at my request. I liked them so much I purchased an entire bag and plan to continue to purchase more in the future.


Two Years Ago Today on MBYL

Barefoot Yoga Company

*Sponsored Post*

This last week, I had the opportunity to try out the Barefoot Hybrid Eco-Lite Mat made by the Barefoot Yoga Company(BYC). You might recall that not to long ago I was complaining that I had to stop using my Breathe Mat (it was going to murder my dryer) and had to switch back to a rubber mat. I was not happy with having to return to a rubber mat at all. So when I got asked it I wanted to try out this Eco-Lite Mat, I said sure. What did I have to lose?

Ok….What is an Eco-Lite Mat?

First of all it is lite. The mat is super thin – way thinner than any rubber mat I have ever used. BYC says they have made the “raised surfaced pattern less dense…have created a more textured feel” and have slimmed down the “weight, footprint, and price.” The mat is made from “100% sustainable and recycled mesh scrim. It does not contain phthalates or heavy metals, and its method of production is completely non-tocix and latex free.”

My mat before I sweated all over it.

My mat before I sweated all over it.

Basically, this is a super-healthy mat. If you are concerned with the materials that make up your mat, I really don’t see how it can get any better than this.

The mat really is inexpensive. The website currently shows it on sale for 23.95 (normally 26.95).  In all honesty, I thought I was practicing on a 60.00 mat. I really would pay that much for it.

So How Does it Function?

Here’s my reaction to practicing on the Eco-Lite mat: Mat? What mat? I’m standing on a mat? Seriously, the mat is so thin it felt like I was standing on just my towel. Which leads me to my next point – I just throw a basic towel on top of my mat (ok…I think they are cute towels, and one has flames all over it which I think is funny because, you know, Bikram…). But, I didn’t put anything fancy on top of my mat.

During practice the mat did not bunch up on me (my previous one always did). The towel stayed in place for the most part too. I imagine it cleans up pretty easily too. The directions say to wipe it down with a soap/water mix, but we all know I am too lazy to do that and pay someone at my studio to do it for me.

Would I recommend this mat? You better believe it or else I wouldn’t be writing this post. If you’re in the market for a new mat (or if your current one is driving you crazy) I really don’t think you can go wrong with the Eco-Lite. I brought my previous rubber mat home and have no intention of using it again at the studio.

The BYC has more than just mats so definitely give the site a look over if your are so inclined. You can learn more about them here.

What do you like about your mat? What features are you looking for?


Disclaimer: The Barefoot Yoga Company provided me with a mat to use and review. However, the opinions about their product are entirely my own.





Favorite Things: Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath

The first time I ever heard about Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath was from a competitor. She was sore – probably very, very sore, and had it recommended to her. She said it helped. I was immediately interested, but my lazy butt just didn’t get to Whole Foods anytime soon to buy some of this stuff (which you can also order online, but I guess I had an extreme case of the lazies).Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath

The website explains the benefits of the mustard bath:

Mustard is renowned for its stimulating, cleansing and rejuvenating qualities. The warmth of Mustard gently opens pores and assists in the elimination of impurities.

So, is it worth it? Well, first, I’m not gonna lie. Mustard baths are a bit on the expensive side. When I finally wandered into Whole Foods and remembered to buy it, I found that the 10.00 container would get me around three, maybe four, baths.

But, luckily, they have individual servings of the stuff for cheap. So I got one of those, brought it home, and waited until I was sore. I saved it for a day when I did beginning and advanced.

The contents do not make your tub look pretty. In the interest of being honest, it looks like you are sitting in a tub of pee. Don’t let that turn you off though because the stuff smells great! A portion of the ingredients are essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, wintergreen & thyme. It will clear your sinuses right up.

Just get over the color.

Just get over the color.

So yeah, you’ll be lying around in a tub of great smelling, pee-colored water. And, in case you are wondering, you will not turn yellow anywhere at all!

When I got in the tub, I was sore (particularly my hamstrings). When I got out, I was not sore anywhere. I didn’t jump on the mustard bath band wagon right away though. Usually I feel almost 100% better when I first get out of a hot bath. The question was, how would I feel the next day?

The next day I felt amazing. I wasn’t sore anywhere, and I’m always at least a little sore after advanced the next day. I’m still torn on the price. Obviously this isn’t something you use everyday – maybe once a week. But if you have sore muscles this is worth at least a try. If you are sick, I also think this will help you feel better. Just breathing in the herbs would likely make you feel at least a tiny bit better.

If you’re interested, I encourage you to read more about Dr. Singha and his products.

Favorite Things: Blue Apron

I had the most wonderful experience this past week – I got to try a box of meals from Blue Apron. Blue Apron provides you with original recipes, all the ingredients for the recipes, and easy to follow directions to cook them. There are two types of packages you can get: vegetarian and meat/fish. I requested a vegetarian meal package.

I received three meals. The total package contained, I was told, enough for two people. But really, I ended up eating most of this food all week long AND I shared my meals with someone each time. So there is plenty of food here for the price (59.00). I’ll say more about portion sizes as I go along.

After I got over my initial excitement (and literally destroyed the box I was so excited to see what was in it!), I got all my ingredients set out on the counter:

All my ingredients for the week.

All my ingredients for the week.

Each ingredient is labeled and packaged in the exact amount you need. For example, I received two bags of parsley. The parsley was needed in two different recipes. I didn’t need to worry about how much parsley to put in each recipe. I just used one of the package and saved the second package for later. The ingredients are incredibly fresh. In fact, they are downright beautiful. For example, I had a head of garlic that was way prettier and nicer than anything I could buy at a store right now. I wish I had thought to taken a picture of just the garlic to show you, but I didn’t. I ate it. Sorry.

At the top, you will see the recipe cards. Each recipe comes with its own card. Each card has a picture of the meal, a list of ingredients, and a picture of the ingredients on the front. On the back are the directions. The directions are broken down into six steps, and each step has its own relevant picture.

My Biggest Fear

The meals I had for the week were:

  • Sweet Potato Gratin with Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad
  • Spanish Paella with Cremini Mushrooms & Roasted Broccoli Rabe
  • Miso & Shiitake Ramen with Hoisin-Glazed Tofu

Now, I don’t know what you’re thinking at the moment, but I had some concerns straight away. They were:

  • I hate sweet potatoes
  • I hate broccoli in all its forms
  • I hate mushrooms
  • I hate Brussels sprouts

Soooo……I was a little concerned about actually liking these meals, but I made a promise to myself before I cooked a single one. I promised myself I would cook the meals, exactly as written and with ALL the ingredients and keep an open mind. These meals were definitely pushing me outside my comfort zone and I hadn’t even started cooking yet!

Let’s Get Started

I was dying to cook one of these meals and did so the very next day. I launched into it with the Miso & Shiitake Ramen with Hoisin-Glazed Tofu. I was very excited to try the ramen noodles. Blue Apron included a letter with my package that gave me an overview of the meals. They had high praise for the ramen noodles. The noodles were made by the Sun Noodle Company. According to Blue Apron:

Sun’s stunning variety if products and reputation as the best ramen noodle producer in North America are the result of 30 years of commitment to research and cooking. And now you get to simmer sensational authentic Japanese noodles in your kitchen.

All the ingredients ready to go.

All the ingredients ready to go.

So, in case anyone was thinking, “Ramen noodles? Are you kidding me?” Rest assured these were no ordinary ramen noodles. I had to get them in my mouth ASAP.

The ramen noodle dish introduced me to two ingredients I had never even heard of before: Choy Sum, a type of Chinese cabbage, and enoki mushrooms. It also required me to use shiitake mushrooms. Reminder: I hate mushrooms, and now I’ve just realized I have to eat cabbage. I also hate cabbage.

But I made the dish. Just like I promised myself I would. So I got to cooking it.

Simmering in the pot

Simmering in the pot

The dish itself was very easy to make. The directions for the dish, and all three actually, were very clear and easy to follow. I never had any problems understanding how to prep a single dish.

And what did I think of the noodles? Were they worthy of their reputation? YES. I was excited before I even got them in the pot. As soon as I let them out of their bags and into the water I could tell how fresh they were. If I could buy these noodles at my grocery store I would buy them all the dang time. For real. I have never had ramen noodles like this, and I have never loved eating ramen so much.

So what was the end result? This was hands down my favorite meal of the three, but my dinner buddy voted a different one as favorite. We enjoyed all three so I think what constituted a favorite came down to personal choice. Would I eat all three again? Yes I would. And I know, given my earlier list of things I hate to eat that makes no sense. So let me clear it up for you.

Things I might Actually Enjoy Eating

The biggest surprise I had from this whole experience was learning that I liked things I had always thought I hated. Does hate sound like a strong word? Oh trust me….it’s the right word. But I kept an open mind and cooked everything as I was instructed. At the end of the day, honestly, how could I not have fallen in love with these dishes?

Final version of the ramen (you have to bring your own wine!)

Final version of the ramen (you have to bring your own wine!)

The ramen noodle dish taught me this:

  • I love choy sum. Apparently there is a form of cabbage I can get down with.
  • Enoki mushrooms are no big deal. I like them fine.
  • I still don’t like those darn shiitake mushrooms, but hey, that’s just a personal thing.

Next came the sweet potato gratin with the shaved brussel sprouts salad:

Sweet potatoes & brussel sprouts

Sweet potatoes & brussel sprouts

In my childhood, sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts were never a winning combination. However, from this dish I learned

  • I love sweet potatoes when cooked using the Blue Apron recipe.
  • Brussel sprouts, at least in raw form, are delicious!

For the sweet potatoes, I also received one cup of grated parmesan cheese. It was so delicious it was all I could do not to shovel it in mouth straight from the container.

The third and final dish was Spanish Paella with Cremini Mushroom & Roasted Broccoli Rabe:

Paella and Broccoli Rabe

Paella and Broccoli Rabe

From the paella and broccoli rabe dish I learned the following:

  • I love broccoli rabe when roasted in the oven. Send more now!!!!! There is only one piece in the picture because all the rest got eaten.
  • I actually kinda like cremini mushrooms.

Final Thoughts

My experience with Blue Apron could not have been better. The food was literally dropped off on my doorstep. There were leftovers for every single meal. The ramen noodles lasted for four meals. The Spanish paella lasted for three (minus the broccoli rabe which got eaten immediately). The sweet potatoes also lasted for four meals (minus the brussel sprouts which were also eaten immediately). So, for 59.00 one or two people can eat these meals for most of the week for lunch/dinner.

In case you are wondering…the food heats up well. In fact, I had reheated sweet potatoes while I was writing this. They were fabulous. Not soggy. Not one bit.

I liked that I was forced outside my comfort zone and ate things I would normally never go near. To me, that was one of the best things about Blue Apron. I learned so much about myself as an eater this week. While the list of things I hated started off a bit long, at the end of it all the only thing I still don’t care for is shiitake mushrooms. But hey, no one likes everything, and look at all the other things I ended up loving and will enjoy again.

Can you enjoy these meals again? Yes, you can. You get to keep the recipe cards that list all the ingredients you need. I have used Sun Noodle’s website to identify places that carry their product (three in my area!) so I can even go buy their noodles again. Hooray!

Should you try this? Why would you not???? It’s a fantastic value, the ingredients are interesting, diverse, and fresh. Cooking with Blue Apron is easy and fun. You don’t need any significant cooking experience. Just grab your cooking utensils and you are ready to go!

Want to See More???

You can see all the ingredients and what each dish looked like in my brief video review.

Favorite Things: Pure Yogi

Recently, I had the chance to try out some shorts from Pure Yogi. What interested me most about their products was their committment to creating clothing that was free of toxins and environmentally friendly. They use organic cotton which they claim is softer, but which they also point out has not been impacted by the use of chemicals.

As you all know, I have a bit of an issue with buying yoga clothes. And by issue, I mean buying yoga clothes is a full on hobby of mine. I love them, and I have something from most brands. I am never opposed to getting new yoga wear. I have acquired so many clothes that today, in class, two people thought I was wearing new shorts. The shorts were in fact a year old (at least), but I have so many clothes that they can disappear to the bottom of the pile and not resurface for a long time.

That won’t be the case with the Pure Yogi shorts.

I got the Hot Yoga Shorts from Prue Yogi. I got these because they specifically had the words hot yoga in them, but also because they did not have any strings on them. You know, ladies, how a lot of hot yoga shorts have strings that you tie on the side? I hate those. I mean, I put up with them, but they usually just drive me nuts. I love shorts without the strings. The description also said that these shorts would stay in place. Would they? I was interested to find out.

I took the shorts to class on a Sunday when I was going to take my regular beginner class followed by two hours of advanced. If I’m going to try out a new brand, I’m really gonna try them out. No fooling around here. The shorts were a little longer than I am used to wearing. Disclosure: I typically wear the shortest shorts on the planet that I can get away with. So, if you don’t like wearing the standard hot yoga short-short, you may feel a bit more comfortable in these. If you DO like wearing the short-shorts (and I definitely do), these are a nice change of pace. The length isn’t good or bad for me. It’s just different. I only point it out because some of you may really like the length.

Were they soft? Yes.

Did they stay in place? Yes, they really did. I know with the drawstring shorts I do spend time adjusting. No adjusting needed here during practice.

But the most interesting part was I kinda forgot I was wearing them. At some point, they really started to feel like a second skin. I liked that. The shorts felt like they were a part of me, and I didn’t even pay attention to them as I was practicing. That’s a sign of a great yoga short.

But here’s the best part – you don’t have to take my word for it because Pure Yogi is doing a give away with me! That’s right – you can win something fabulous from Pure Yogi (and guys, you should enter to because they have men’s wear).

To Enter: To enter, please let a comment on this post that says, “Enter.” That’s it. If your comment does not contain the word enter then you won’t be entered. The contest will run from now until noon on Thursday, October 3rd. At that time, a winner will be randomly selected. I will announce the winner on FB so if you haven’t liked my FB page yet, please do so to find out if you’ve won. You will then be put in touch with someone at Pure Yogi to get yourself some awesome yoga wear. Also, Pure Yogi would appreciate it if you would like then on FB and follow them on Twitter at PureYogi1

Good luck!

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