Number 300

Guess how many Bikram classes I have taken just this year at the writing of this post? Yes, the answer is 300.

I came into the studio today and the owner told me I was at 291. In addition to those I also had:

– 4 in San Diego

– 2 in Durham

– 1 in Charleston

– 1 in Winnipeg

Than I took class today which adds up to 300! The good news is there are still a few more days left in the year.

But still – 300 – that’s seriously crazy right? No. Seriously awesome is what that is. I don’t technically have the most classes taken in a year. That goes to a woman who went through teacher training this year. She has 365 or 366, and that includes the 99 classes she did at teacher training. The 300 classes do not count an extra training I did for competition (God – it should!). These are just straight up, everday normal Bikram classes offered at studios to anyone.

You know what this means, right? If I can do 300 classes in a year then you can surely do half that. You can surely do even 200. What will you do for your practice in the new year? The more you hit the studio, the better it gets!



An Accidental Challenge

Ok – so remember how I contemplated doing a 30-day Bikram challenge on top of the vegan one? Well, the jury is still out on doing a Bikram challenge during the vegan challenge. I’m not super compelled to do it because:

(a) a 30-day challenge is no longer a challenge for me. I am not bragging. There was a time when I could barely contemplate going five days in a row. I’ve just moved on to other challenges.

(b) I think I really need to take off the day of the dessert party. I could do a double to make up for it. My studio allows one double for every 30-days when you do a challenge

(c) if I don’t do the challenge, we’re not talking about missing that many days as I would go 25 days out of the 30. Not sure it’s a big deal to kill myself to make it the other five.

That being said, I just realized that as of today I have gone to class 12 days in a row. I wasn’t planning on going to class Wednesday. In the morning I have acupuncture followed by a haircut and then a facial. Then I was thinking I might get some shoes on the way home (yeah for shoes!).  But I realized that my facial is at 2:00, and I will be out the door and in my car by 3:30 at the latest. This means that I can make the 4:30 without any problem (and not get any shoes – boo!!!!!).

So I counted up the days. If I continued going, how many days in a row could I go until the spring semester starts? The answer is 39. The only inconvience (and it’s slight) is Christmas day. My studio is closed, but there’s another one I can go to that’s about the same distance. No biggie. Just have to spend 20.00 to take a class.

Now, I don’t know how much of a challenge this is per say since my previous two challenges have been a week of doubles and then 66 days straight, but it is a fun way to spend my break. So I’m on it. I’m not planning to document it like I did the original one, but I will comment on it here and there if anything interesting pops us.

There, you have it in writing. I will take one class a day every day through January 13th. I might even do a double once or twice (because I kinda already told someone I’d do a double when she was ready before I realized this whole 39 days in a row thing).