Cheese Won’t be the Issue

So I thought that when we started our 30-day vegan challenged (starting sometime in January), that my biggest issue would be not eating cheese. Thankfully, I am learning that I am not missing cheese as much as I thought I would. The Follow Your Heart¬†vegan cheese I had the other night was good. It was so good on a grilled cheese sandwich that I have had it for lunch the last two days. I am not missing dairy cheese (at the moment), and I’m thankful I found a good vegan alternative. What would winter be without a grilled cheese? Seriously, I could easily replace dairy cheese with the vegan cheese from Follow Your Heart right now in my sandwich. I think the key is that the cheese has to be melted. I am not a big fan of it in the unmelted state.

You know what the issue is going to be? Butter. I love me some butter. Don’t tell me to use Earth Balance because I have, and that stuff is just not good. I don’t even enjoy making a grilled cheese sandwich in it. I tried some Earth Balance in a risotto, and it was gross. There were some other things that conrtibuted to the issues my risotto had (like some vegan cheese that did not work well or taste good), but I could tell that it was missing the flavor provided by the butter. I am a liberal user of butter when I cook so I need to figure this out. Follow Your Heart does not make butter.

Any suggestions?

Tonight we are having a vegan dinner (and I had a vegan breakfast) which is bombay potatoes over jasmine rice. My goal is to start making different vegan dinners here and there to experiment and get a taste for what we do and do not like. Right now, since we’r enot on the challenge, any meal I screw up can be replaced with a pizza. If I screw up dring the challenge I am not sure what our go-to meal will be, but for now, it’s Big Cheese Pizza.

I also purchased Veganomicon¬†and have started identifying things to try. I haven’t made anything from the book yet, but I am looking forward to doing so. Going vegan for 30 days won’t be as difficult as switching over to vegetarian. I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but that initial shift over to vegetarian was a much more difficult and overwhelming one – and I wanted to do it!

So far I’ve got one additional person who wants to join in the challenge with me. You don’t have to be local to do it. We can have our own group here. Maybe it seems like too much. I can understand that. Could you go vegan for one meal, any meal, every day? Could you do a vegan meal once a week? Design your own challenge! Who’s in?