Let’s Learn a New Posture!

I want to learn crow.  Crow is considered an advanced posture which means I can do it in competition. Yes, I am already thinking about the next competition. I started working on crow last summer. For awhile I would just get my knees into my armpits and come up on my toes. Then, one day, I focused my eyes forward, focused on my breath, and before I knew it I had lifted my feet off the floor. I probably didn’t get them super high or anything, but I did it. I was so excited!

I think this is a good example of crow. I don't really know, but you get the idea of what it looks like.

I think this is a good example of crow. I don’t really know, but you get the idea of what it looks like.

At that point, I decided to start working on crow for the competition (the one that happened thispast November – obviously things didn’t pan out). I was in the room one day before class working on it. I had gotten my knees/arms/what-not all set up. I leaned forward. I was moving slowly. I was still uncertain about the whole lifting up part, and I wasn’t about to rush myself. I just found a spot on the floor to look at and focused on my breath.

It just so happens that I was sooooo focused I didn’t realized another student (not a competitor) was walking up beside me. She bent down next to me and loudly said, “Just lift your feet off the ground already! You can do it!”

Scared the living daylights out of me.

Need I say, please do not ever do this to anyone unless maybe there’s a fire? Don’t ever do this to someone.

I was so startled I fell. But I did not fall forward. I went crashing to one side. I twisted my right arm. My left arm was bruised on the inside from armpit to elbow. The bruising was so bad, I could gross out an entire room just by raising my arm. I am sorry I did not take a picture to share with you all. 🙂

I couldn’t do crow until my right arm healed, and it took two-three months to heal. It took at least a good month before it seemed like it was healed. But then, when I tried crow again, I could tell it wasn’t fully well. It felt so unstable. So I had to drop crow for the competition. By the time my arm was well I only had a month before the competition.

Well, now I’m back on it! I’ve been working on it several times (5-10 times) a day for the past week. I’m already getting better. I am not great. I fall forward a lot. But I am comfortable with the initial set up, and I can go right up on my big toes. All my other toes leave the ground automatically. I am starting to lift up one foot. Sometimes my left, and sometimes my right. I just go with what my body feels like doing.  The amount of strength that crow takes to do is surprising. But everything I’ve read on it has said to go to your edge and stay there and that you will build strength by staying put and moving on when you are ready. So if all you can do is get your knees in your armpits and balance on all ten toes then that’s what you do! And that is exactly what I did for the first two days. When I lift one foot up (which is not every time), I hold it for a 10 count and then lower it back down. This currently takes a lot of work on my part, but I know I am building strength. I just need to be patient. I love this posture, and I’m excited to learn it. Fingers-crossed!