New Obsession: Suja Juice

Recently, my studio started selling Suja Juices. I had never had one before, and I was interested in trying one. First, let me tell you a bit about the juice. According to their website:

All of Suja’s juices are certified Organic, Non-GMO & Kosher and are processed using cold pressure (also known as High Pressure Processing or HPP) to kill harmful bacteria while preserving nutrition and taste.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering about this cold pressure process. Suja’s website explains it as such:

We cold press, hydraulically. First we grind or cut the produce into a fine pulp. Then we apply thousands of pounds of pressure to the pulp extracting every ounce of juice that the fruit or vegetable has to give. This results in you receiving the most nutritional value possible. Cold Pressure, also known as High Pressure Processing retains food quality, maintains natural freshness, and extends microbiological shelf life without heating to high temperatures. After our juice is bottled, a high level of cold pressure is applied evenly to destroy pathogens and ensure the juice is safe to drink while preserving vitamins, enzymes and nutrients.

So the question….how good is it? The answer: fabulous.

yummy green juice

yummy green juice

Seriously, it tastes like it just came out of my juicer. I couldn’t do a better job myself. If you juice, imagine what your favorite juice tastes like. That’s exactly what Suja tastes like.

They have a number of concoctions to suit your taste. I’ve only tried two – the Fuji  and the Green Supreme. This is probably because I am a green juice kind of girl. You can go here to see some of their juices and what is in them.

There is one downside to Suja, and that is the price. At my studio, I can get one 16 oz bottle for a little over 7.00. Apparently they are a couple of bucks more at Whole Foods (so I’ve been told…don’t consider me a reliable source on this since I haven’t bought one from there). However, on the Suja site, one bottle does sell for 8.99. So the question become….is it worth it?

I’m going with yes. It is totally worth it, and here’s why.

If I want to make my own juice, and have one 16 oz to drink each day for a week, it will run me about 50.00. And I’ve got this down to a science. I know where to buy the best fruits and veggies at the best prices around town. However, buying the best fruits and veggies at the best prices around town requires me to visit two stores. Then, it literally takes me all afternoon to juice.

So that’s 50.00, plus gas, plus the time it took me to shop, plus the time it took me to make all the juice, plus the time it takes to clean everything up.

If I were to buy seven juices from my studio, it would run me about 55.00. If I had to buy them elsewhere – and let’s just use the 8.99 online price – it would run me about 65.00.-70.00. Is the juice that good that paying that little extra is worth it?

Yes, yes it is. I am not joking. My days are using my juicer might be done. And nothing against the juicer. I have a fabulous Breville that I love very much, is worth every penny, and is super easy to take care of. But the idea that I don’t have to spend 50.00 and an entire afternoon – really an entire day when you factor in shopping – is too much to pass up. How much is my time worth? Is it worth that 5-10.00 more that I might pay? Yes, I believe it is. Because this stuff tastes like it just came out of my juicer.

Do you have any experience with Suja juices? What do you think? Is it worth packing in the juicer for?

If You’re Local…..I Have Something Special For You!

If you practice with me, you’ve probably already noticed the Suja juices in the fridge at the studio. Did you know they come to us from Juice Keys? Juice Keys is a locally owned company and one of the owner’s, Chris, practices at the Raleigh studio. Juice Keys has a storefront, and they sell the Suja juices there for 7.68. You can get it for a bit less at the studio but not much. Juice Keys also sells some protein powders. I haven’t tried them. Just explore their site and you can see what they have.

If you live in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, you can even get your order delivered to your home. for only 1.00 extra! All deliveries are made in the afternoon from approximately 4:00pm – 7:30pm.  The juices maintain their temperature for approx 5 hrs after delivery.  They deliver juices in coolers with ice (however, they will soon be upgrading to ice-packs).  The juices, obviously, need to be refrigerated once you get home.  All orders placed before 4pm are delivered on the same day (after 4pm, they deliver on the following day).  

And there’s more! Follow this link  to learn about the different discounts you can get simply by purchasing your juices – or other products – through Juice Keys.

And here’s the best part…. Head on over to Juice Keys and tell them you learned about them on my blog. They will give you one free Suja juice to try. You have to go to the actual Juice Keys store. Don’t try to get your free juice at the studio – it will not work! 🙂 Of course once you try your juice you will be hooked, like me, but I say the more the merrier!




*this was not a sponsored post. i spent my own money on my Suja Juice and reviewed it because I loved it

VC Day 19: Let’s Feast

Day 19 already? Well, I’m not surprised. Having done a 66-day Bikram challenge, and a 39-day Bikram streak recently, I knew this time would fly by. Taking on something for 30 days? Yeah, it can be hard but it is do-able. The time is gonna go by. And I was right. The time has gone by.

It’s not the remainder of the vegan challenge that’s got me nervous. It’s the weak that follows it.

Why? Because I am not able to leave well enough alone, that’s why.

The vegan challenge officially ends on Sunday, February 24th. On Monday, February 25th, I embark on a seven day juice feast. I’ve hired a coach fot this – the fantastic Courtney Pool. There is NO WAY I would consider doing something like this without a coach. I need someone to guide me.

You might be wondering how I decided to do this. Good question. I am too! 🙂 It started when, during my vegan challenge, I wrote about my experiences juicing. Courtney found my blog and left a comment about the benefits of juicing. I wondered who she was, so I looked her up and discovered she coaches these juice feasts.

I had a email discussion with Courtney on why I was interested. Basically, it comes down to this:

(a) I want to see what it can do for my health and well-being

(b) I want to see what it can do for my practice

(c) I want to challenge my limits physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I am all about those three points, but the third one seems to be a new hobby of mine. I am in some kind of mode where I want to push myself in one or more of these ways. I will, of course, continue to blog during the feast, and I will angle my blog around these three points as best as my cognitive abilities allow for it. I’m not being negative. I’m being realistic. This could get ugly is all I’m saying.

As I understand it, I will drink a lot of juice for five days. On days six and seven I may drink juice (I don’t know), but I will also be having smoothies and reintroducing some food back into my life. Days six and seven are about transitioning back onto food I chew.

I feel like I should take bets for how long I can make it before I crack and have a complete meltdown. I made it 10 days into the vegan challenge before I lost it. I am just gonna guess that juice feasting is harder than vegan eating. I say I crack on Day 3. I did not say I would quit on Day 3. I’m not going to quit. I just said I would flip out and cry a lot. I am going to be SUCH a joy to be around. Slumber party at my house! 🙂


Juicing the Green Stuff

Several months ago, I eased into green juicing with a cucumber/lemon/apple combination that is nice and tart and oh-so fabulous. But I was thinking it was time to take a step forward into more serious green juicing arenas. I had purchased Drew Canole’s book on juicing a few months ago, but I had yet to put any of his recipes in action. I think my delay in trying his recipes was due to: (a) being lazy and (b) making myself get out of my juice comfort zone.

See, I was very comfortable with my cucumber juice recipe as well as one I had put together made up of oranges/lemons/grapefruit. And by the way, if you are new to juicing I think starting with citrus fruit is where it’s at. You make great stuff you are already familiar with and then work into other things (like green juice) from there.

I had read Drew’s book and scanned his recipes. I was itching to try something new and push myself a bit in terms of what I juiced. So I went right for his Super Green Machine juice. I won’t give you the recipe because you should buy the book or join his Facebook page. The recipe is actually listed at the top of the page. If you like his page, you’ll get all kinds of updates and recipes.

I will tell you that this juice included things like kale, spinach, and brocccoli. I think kale and spinach are OK. I have eaten them before. I do not make an effort to cook with them, but if you cook me a meal with them I will likely enjoy it.

I hate broccoli. This is no joke. I have given up on enjoying it on any level. I have tried it every way I can think of including broccoli cheese soup where the broccoli was in tiny, tiny bits. Still hated it.

Anyways, I was good and bought broccoli.

This morning I made the juice prior to going to a 9:00am class (day 18/39 I believe it was today). I was not convinced I would like this juice. It was green. Really green. Way more green than my cucumber juice. Plus, it had broccoli, kale, and spinach in it. I don’t care if I think kale and spinach are ok to eat. I was not convinced about the whole thing in a juicing format.

But still, I was going to drink that juice. Why? Because I just spent money buying all the ingredients. Also, I knew that if I gave it a chance something good might come out of it. Just to be sure I tossed in a second lemon. Sorry Drew. 🙂 I made one small modification to make sure I liked it. I love lemons. I will eat them raw.

The end result? I liked the juice! I may even back off on the lemon tomorrow and have just one like the recipe calls for. But, if you are anxious about a juice, like I am sometimes, adding an extra apple or lemon can help you start to acquire a taste for it. Then you can go from there.

I will add that I had a fine class this morning having only had jucie for breakfast. I think, and this is a personal thing, I prefer to eat solid food for breakfast when I am practicing in the morning. So I’ll be moving this juice over to my afternoon snack (plus it’s vegan, duh, so it’s the perfect snack for my 30-day vegan challenge!). That’s just a personal preference though. I think you could have this juice for breakfast (and just this juice alone) and have a fine class.