An Accidental Challenge

Ok – so remember how I contemplated doing a 30-day Bikram challenge on top of the vegan one? Well, the jury is still out on doing a Bikram challenge during the vegan challenge. I’m not super compelled to do it because:

(a) a 30-day challenge is no longer a challenge for me. I am not bragging. There was a time when I could barely contemplate going five days in a row. I’ve just moved on to other challenges.

(b) I think I really need to take off the day of the dessert party. I could do a double to make up for it. My studio allows one double for every 30-days when you do a challenge

(c) if I don’t do the challenge, we’re not talking about missing that many days as I would go 25 days out of the 30. Not sure it’s a big deal to kill myself to make it the other five.

That being said, I just realized that as of today I have gone to class 12 days in a row. I wasn’t planning on going to class Wednesday. In the morning I have acupuncture followed by a haircut and then a facial. Then I was thinking I might get some shoes on the way home (yeah for shoes!).  But I realized that my facial is at 2:00, and I will be out the door and in my car by 3:30 at the latest. This means that I can make the 4:30 without any problem (and not get any shoes – boo!!!!!).

So I counted up the days. If I continued going, how many days in a row could I go until the spring semester starts? The answer is 39. The only inconvience (and it’s slight) is Christmas day. My studio is closed, but there’s another one I can go to that’s about the same distance. No biggie. Just have to spend 20.00 to take a class.

Now, I don’t know how much of a challenge this is per say since my previous two challenges have been a week of doubles and then 66 days straight, but it is a fun way to spend my break. So I’m on it. I’m not planning to document it like I did the original one, but I will comment on it here and there if anything interesting pops us.

There, you have it in writing. I will take one class a day every day through January 13th. I might even do a double once or twice (because I kinda already told someone I’d do a double when she was ready before I realized this whole 39 days in a row thing).