Guess Who Can Levitate?

Me! I can levitate! Kidding. But I can do something exciting. I can actually hoist my fanny off the ground for lifting lotus! Lifting lotus is about what it sounds like. Sit in lotus, and lift yourself off the ground (Levitate!). But seriously, you’re supposed to lift yourself off the ground using your fingertips. I know. That’s the hard part. I found a video that offers some techniques to help learn lifting lotus, but she doesn’t actually do the posture like I would need to for competition. Still, it could be helpful.

I loved this posture from the very beginning when I started it back in the summer. However, my number one problem with it was building finger strength. My fingers simply were not strong enough to do this posture well reliably. But now I am determined to resolve that issue and start working on it. I’d love to do it in competition next year. So, for the record, the two advanced¬†postures I’m currently working on for competition are this and crow. That’s about as fancy as I currently get.

If you’re interested in learning lifted lotus, and need to build finger strength, I have something to recommend. Actually, this would be good for any posture that requires you to have finger strength. Last week, I purchased the Gripmaster¬†(see also here). The idea is that using the gripmaster will strengthen your fingers.

I had no clue what tension level to buy. You can buy 3, 5, 7, and 9 pounds. I thought my fingers seemed pretty weak and bought the three pounder. I probably could have bought the five, but my pinky fingers are very weak so for them the three pound was a good investment. These things are inexpensive so upgrading to a higher tension isn’t really an issue.

I used it every day for a week. The website said I could do three sets of 10, and I am doing two different finger exercises daily. After a couple of days I tried lifting lotus. It was eh. I didn’t really go that high. A couple of days later, same thing. Not much going on, but I knew I needed to be patient. Honestly, I was willing to give this thing one month before I packed it in.

Today, after using it everyday for a week I tried lifting lotus again. Boom! I went up off the ground. I didn’t do it well or shoot up super high, but I did go up a lot higher than normal. Wondering if it was a fluke, I did it again. Nope. Back up I went. Then I did it a third time. Then my fingers were tired so I had to stop. This is not a posture you can practice a lot. As you can imagine, I am excited that I have found a way to strengthen my fingers.

For now, I’m working on building finger strength and simply coming off the ground. Once I get that down then I’ll start to really work on height and overall form. I’m hoping to get this posture down and in my bag of tricks. It’s a fun one!