Recipe of the Week: Lemon Quinoa Salad

Lemon Quinoa Cilantro Chickpea Salad is our recipe of the week. This is going to make a nice summer salad. You could bring it to a potluck!

It does take a small amount of advanced planning. You’ll want to give yourself time to cook and then cool the quinoa. The interesting thing about preparing the quinoa for this recipe is that you soak it, and then cook it, in vegetable broth. It’s really nice and gives it a great flavor.

While I was soaking and cooking the quinoa, I went ahead and got my spinach, cilantro, garlic, and onions all diced up in the food processor.

Getting ready to add the garlic.

Getting ready to add the garlic.

I am sure you can get around not having a food processor, but why? Food processors are pretty awesome. I don’t use mine a whole lot, but when I do I am thankful for it.

Once my greens, garlic, and onion were all chopped up I went ahead and dumped in the chickpeas. Then I let it the chickpeas and the chopped up everything hang out and get to know each other for the rest of the afternoon (think a good three hours). Eventually, I wandered back into the kitchen and added the quinoa, made the dressing, and we ate it!

The finished product

The finished product

A few things to note: It is a bit on the watery side. We think you could cut this down by using less spinach or cilantro. Also, I ended up using two cans of chickpeas and only one avacado so play with it to your liking. You’ll notice the toasted pita. Well, I meant to make this, but totally forgot until the last minute. So I sent Mark to the store for pita bread. I just threw some olive oil and cracked pepper on it and toasted it in the oven. So worth it. The pita chips I had intended to make are likely better so do that and tell me how it goes!

This salad will save for at least a day. It was good 24 hours later, but it is best on day one as it starts to get soggy. I have zero confidence in it lasting beyond two days. This salad would also work well as a filling for a wrap if you are so inclined. I pretty much made the recipe to scale, and it made a ton. For the two of us, I would cut it in half (but maybe still use two cans of chickpeas because I really, really like chickpeas).

Recipe of the Week: Onion Quinoa Bites

I am suddenly finding myself addicted to quinoa, and these onion quiona bites deliver! For whatever reason, my early encounters with quinoa were not positive. However, I have hung in there and have been open to trying various quinoa dishes. I’m glad I did! Turns out, quinoa is supper yummy (I suspect y’all already knew this).

This recipe can be made vegetarian or vegan. You can help yourself out a bit by making the quinoa in advanced. The recipe calls for two cups of cooked quinoa (at least that’s how I read it), but it needs to cool before you can start making them into little patties and bites. If it’s just two people, I could cut it down to one cup of cooked quinoa. We had more than we needed.

You could likely do this recipe up until the point where you toss the bites in the pan. I suspect, but I cannot say for sure, that if you make the bites and keep them covered you could just pick up with cooking them the next day. Note though that when I made this recipe I used the flax seed substitute and not eggs. This suggestion may not be a good one if you use eggs.

And while I’m at it, I appreciated the author’s attention about the flax seed egg substitute. I had never done this before, but it worked out fine. I did have to grind the seeds, but we have a grinder in the house already. These are minor details but important. You don’t want to get caught off guard by something small once you get into this!

The bites are easy to make. It really just requires some hanging out in the kitchen. Hanging out while the quinoa cooks and hanging out while the bites themselves cook in the pan. Mark made a great vegan ranch dressing to dip these in. I will nail him down on the recipe and get it posted soon! These go well with something to dip them in so use your favorite dip.

The bites were enough for me to make a meal from. Mark added a salad. I am not sure how well these would save, but we didn’t have any leftovers!

Eat up!

Eat up!