Favorite Things: Bath Salts!

I’ve gotten hooked lately on trying out different bath salts. Bath salts are an important part of my Bikram yoga life! 🙂 Specifically, the kind that are intended to help with sore muscles. Yesterday, I was out shopping and my impulse buy was a small container of bath salts. Couldn’t help myself. Had to try them.

At the moment, I’ve got two good contenders to recommend to you. Both are about 10.00 each. Note before we start down this path that no one asked me to review their product. I bought these salts on my own accord, and I’m not being given anything to write these reviews. These are my thoughts on an item that helps my yoga practice.

The first one is made by Shea Moisture. It’s called LemonGrass & Ginger Dead Sea Salt Soak with Orange Peel. It says it is supposed to help release lactic acid buildup in sore muscles. I say, yes it does. This is my favorite of the two salts I’ll recommend to you today.

First, I agree that it does what it says it’s supposed to do. Honestly, I think it helps my sore muscles better than any other bath salt I’ve tried (and I’ve been experimenting). The smell is amazing and relaxing. When I use these salts, my entire bathroom smells like lemongrass for several hours. The company does not animal testing and, at least for this product, they leave out a bunch of things you don’t want in yout tub with you like sulfates and synthetic fragrances. I get these at Targat although the website lists other places you can purchase them.

The drawback to the salts is that my skin doesn’t like them if I shaved the day before. To be fair, my skin is on the sensitive side so you may not have the same issues I do. But I found that shaving and then using these salts within 24 hours of doing so makes for a slightly uncomfortable experience. I tend to get itchy. Still, I plan to use these for all the times I haven’t shaved.

Second up is Burt’s Bees. Burt has therapeutic bath crystals with a similar scent and purpose. I have used these for a long time and have enjoyed them.  I thought they worked fine until I met the ones made by Shea Moisture. I found that the ones made by Shea Moisture did a better job of releaving my soreness and the smell was more intense.

That being said, the crystals made by Burt’s Bees do not irritate my skin in any way under any condition. I want to stress that I think these two are almost interchangable, but the ones made by Shea Moisture seem to work slightly better on my muscles. You can get the crystals made by Burt’s Bees at Target as well so you can take the time to compare the two.