Juicing the Green Stuff

Several months ago, I eased into green juicing with a cucumber/lemon/apple combination that is nice and tart and oh-so fabulous. But I was thinking it was time to take a step forward into more serious green juicing arenas. I had purchased Drew Canole’s book on juicing a few months ago, but I had yet to put any of his recipes in action. I think my delay in trying his recipes was due to: (a) being lazy and (b) making myself get out of my juice comfort zone.

See, I was very comfortable with my cucumber juice recipe as well as one I had put together made up of oranges/lemons/grapefruit. And by the way, if you are new to juicing I think starting with citrus fruit is where it’s at. You make great stuff you are already familiar with and then work into other things (like green juice) from there.

I had read Drew’s book and scanned his recipes. I was itching to try something new and push myself a bit in terms of what I juiced. So I went right for his Super Green Machine juice. I won’t give you the recipe because you should buy the book or join his Facebook page. The recipe is actually listed at the top of the page. If you like his page, you’ll get all kinds of updates and recipes.

I will tell you that this juice included things like kale, spinach, and brocccoli. I think kale and spinach are OK. I have eaten them before. I do not make an effort to cook with them, but if you cook me a meal with them I will likely enjoy it.

I hate broccoli. This is no joke. I have given up on enjoying it on any level. I have tried it every way I can think of including broccoli cheese soup where the broccoli was in tiny, tiny bits. Still hated it.

Anyways, I was good and bought broccoli.

This morning I made the juice prior to going to a 9:00am class (day 18/39 I believe it was today). I was not convinced I would like this juice. It was green. Really green. Way more green than my cucumber juice. Plus, it had broccoli, kale, and spinach in it. I don’t care if I think kale and spinach are ok to eat. I was not convinced about the whole thing in a juicing format.

But still, I was going to drink that juice. Why? Because I just spent money buying all the ingredients. Also, I knew that if I gave it a chance something good might come out of it. Just to be sure I tossed in a second lemon. Sorry Drew. 🙂 I made one small modification to make sure I liked it. I love lemons. I will eat them raw.

The end result? I liked the juice! I may even back off on the lemon tomorrow and have just one like the recipe calls for. But, if you are anxious about a juice, like I am sometimes, adding an extra apple or lemon can help you start to acquire a taste for it. Then you can go from there.

I will add that I had a fine class this morning having only had jucie for breakfast. I think, and this is a personal thing, I prefer to eat solid food for breakfast when I am practicing in the morning. So I’ll be moving this juice over to my afternoon snack (plus it’s vegan, duh, so it’s the perfect snack for my 30-day vegan challenge!). That’s just a personal preference though. I think you could have this juice for breakfast (and just this juice alone) and have a fine class.