The Cost of Competition

I literally mean the cost of it all. I am not talking about the physical, spiritual, or mental costs. Those could all be discussed. I am talking about actuall dollar costs $$$. I’m starting to notice them. Let’s take a look at it.

First, I don’t consider the amount I pay to practice at the studio part of my competition costs. I have a good racket going on over there. I got into the all-you-can-come for one low rate package before it got raised (not a lot, but a bit as will happen over time). Let me put it to you like this, when I did my 66 day challenge, each class cost me $2.69. That’s a good deal. I would go to class this much even if I were not competing. So I don’t count it.

I also don’t count the gabillion dollars a year I spend on yoga clothes because I don’t need all those clothes. I just like to buy them.

What drew my attention to the costs was when I scampered off for a massage today. I like a massage as much as everyone else, but I was thinking recently that being regular on the massages might help me in the yoga room – and specifically with my competition postures.

I’ve noticed for awhile now that I have an imbalance. My left side is way stronger and better aligned than my right. This is what brought me in see a massage therapist on Friday. This time though I didn’t run off to the spa for a deep tissue massage or a massage with hot bamboo sticks (so amazing! Just do it). My acupuncturist had merged with a group of massage therapists, and they offered myofacial massage.

So on Friday, I went and had myself a myofacial massage. I cannot even begin to explain it. It’s not anything like going to a spa and getting a massage. It’s different, but in a very, very good way.

I explained to my therapist why I was there and demonstrated a few postures. He agreed that there seemed to be an imblance from my right to my left side, particularly how my hips were aligned. He also claimed to know why I am having a hard time getting my arms down below my calves in standing head to knee. I think he said it had something to do with my hips, but I got so much information yesterday it’s hard to remember. It doesn’t matter for now anyways.

I will say that after the massage I had better hip alignment in standing bow on my right side (my left isn’t that bad). I also bought a package of three massages (the 4th is free!). And, I also got some good news from the therapist which was: (a) my muscles are in very good condition. He ranked them a 9 on a scale of 10 and (b) while continued massage will help with my posture concerns, once a month is probably plenty. He also pointed out that now that I’m pushing the limits of my body it’s normal to start to notice alignment issues.

That’s how I just added about 100.00 a month bill to my life. but it’s not over yet.

In our initial discussion about my postures, my therapist asked me if I thought I had a strength issue or a range of motion issue. I said range of motion only because my postures don’t always hit the way I want them to. He said my range of motion was fine, but that I needed to build strength, To do this, he recommended going to see a sports physical therapist. Look at where this yoga has brought me! A sports physical therapist. Good grief. He recommended one session with someone to learn specific exercises that will help me build strength in ways that should have a positive effect that addresses my alignment concerns. Ok – I can do one session. That’s 75.00.  Did I say good grief yet?

All in all, I feel great today and am happy with the decision to get the massage. I will try one physical therapy session, and yes, I will do the homework and see if it helps. I’m on my way to take class, and I wonder what it will be like after this massage. My therapist tells me that Sunday I will feel amazing (he says it takes two days to really kick in the benefits). We’ll see.