Day 9 and Feeling Fine!

For the moment, I feel like I’ve crossed over a rough part of coke withdrawls and have gotten some place very, very nice. Today is Day 9 of leaving the coke behind. Day 8 felt amazing. I had a soda in the morning, but not because I wanted to or was craving it. I thought perhaps I should drink it to ward off any ill withdrawal effects. I had it between 7-8:00 am. For the rest of the day I did not crave soda or have an ill side effects. My head felt really clear. Actually, I felt more focused than I could remember in a long time. That’s kind of a funny sentence if you read it twice.

Class on Day 8 was fabulous. I didn’t have any breakthroughs in postures or anything, but it wasn’t like class on Day 7 where I felt like I was in a fogd wading through jello. The room felt fabulous, and I pushed myself hard. I came home from class wiped out but happy. I had my second coke for the day with dinner, and I kinda wanted it. I probably could have gotten by on just one coke for the entire day, but I went ahead and drank my second one.

Today, on Day 9, I have not had any coke yet. I am not craving it. I feel great. I slept great which is something I have noticed no matter how bad my withdrawal symptoms may be. I always sleep great. I’d like to note the positive benefits I am finding from reducing my soda intake which I expect will continue or get better as I leave it behind totally. They are: (a) better sleep, (b) increased mental clarity and focus (when I’m not in withdrawal mode!), (c) reduced bloating, and (d) increased energy.

I was surprised by the reduced bloating thing. I didn’t even realize I had felt a bit bloated until the feeling disappeared. But it was totally there. I’m getting back into my juicing habit, and it is also feeling amazing. Yesterday I juiced one orange and one lemon. I was also going to include part of a grapefruit, but the orange and lemon hit right at 8oz which is what I was aiming for. I highly recommend the orange/lemon combo (or a grapefruit/orange/lemon combo) before an afternoon class. It gave me a ton of energy. I’ve had this juice before a morning class, and it does not work. Do a cucumber juice if you’re having your juice for breakfast and then going to class.

Having worked through some icky days of withdrawal, I’m starting to enjoy my decision to drop the coke. I had no idea I would start feeling this much better. I’m already looking forward to what class will bring me this morning.


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  1. LeighAHall (@LeighAHall)
    Aug 25, 2014 @ 20:36:20

    Day 9 and Feeling Fine! #bikramyoga #yogaholicsmag


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